CH Bayard le Souvenir (ROM Eligible)


DALI 1965  Judge Norman F. “Bud” Lough; Handler Ben Klimkiewicz

“Call Name”
Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Bayard le Tartare
Dam: Bayard Gabrielle
Whelped: February 17, 1962
Died:  unknown
Breeder: Mary Howell
Owner: Mary Howell

Out of Bayard la Peronelle:

  • CH Bayard l’Origan

Out of CH Katella of LeLou:

  • CH Valerie L of Haleajo

Out of Bayard Erica:

  • CH Bayard Tienne
  • CH Bayard Valentin

Out of Bayard la Georgine:

  • CH Nomade de Bayard
  • CH Nigelle de Bayard

Out of Victoria Von Bayard:

  • CH Dameret de Bayard
  • CH Dorine de Bayard

Out of Westphal’s Eveningtide:

  • CH Amber von Waldmann

Out of  Frolich Of Halejo:

  • CH Rouge Of Distlefink Farm