CH Boondox Pandemonium ROMO (Pending)


DALI Oct 1985. Judge Judy Goulder; Handler Sidney Stafford









“Call Name”
Red Standard Longhaired Bitch
Sire: CH Han-Jo’s ‘Xtra Copy L ROMO
Dam: CH Boondox Emma v Walmar ROMO
Whelped: August 25, 1984
Died: Date Unknown
Breeders: Dan Harrison and Robert Hartkemeier
Owner: Sidney Stafford

Littermate to PJ and Pumpkin, She went to Sidney’s to be her foundation bitch.


By CH Amtekel’s The Great Gatsby ROM:

  • CH Siddachs Evensong
  • CH Youngway’s Eurdice O Siddach
  • CH Siddachs Etude

By CH Saytar’s Rock of Gibraltar SL :

  • CH Siddachs Kabuki

By CH Solong Squire V Bristleknoll ROMO :

  • CH Siddachs Freedom – WD DCA 87
  • CH Siddachs The Eagle – BV DALI October 1987
  • CH Siddachs’ Esmeralda
  • CH Siddachs Caruso
  • CH Siddachs Chopin