Am/Can CH Braaehaus Traveling Man (ROMO Eligible)


CH Braaehaus Traveling Man

“Mr. T”
Red Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: CH Fabeland Blue Chip of Nikobar
Dam: CH Braaehaus Royal Ensign
Whelped: February 16, 1982
Died: Date Unknown
Breeders: Carol and Uffe Braae
Owners: Carol and Uffe Braae


Out of Braaehaus Mata Hari:

Out of Braaehaus Big On B:

  • CH Braaehaus Town Gossip IIX
  • CH Braaehaus Man About Town
  • CH Braaehaus Town Belle
  • CH Braaehaus Man Around Town 
  • CH Braaehaus Man Of The Town
  • CH Braaehaus Top of the Town

Out of CH Gregory’s Shirley G ROMX:

  • CH Gregory’s Sandra G
  • CH Gregory’s Sherman Tank Of Cl

Out of Braaehaus Baroness:

  • CH Braaehaus Manor Lady
  • Am/Can CH Braaehaus Noble Lady
  • CH Braaehaus Journeyman − Group and Specialty winner
  • CH Braaehaus Nobleman
  • MBISS CH Braaehaus Regal Lady
  • CH Braaehaus Genteel Lady
  • CH Braaehaus Imperial Lady
  • CH Braaehaus Lady of Letters

Out of CH Choo Choo’s Mona Lisa:

  • CH Choo Choos Charlie

Out of Braaehaus Margarethe:

  • CH Braaehaus Lady on the Go

Out of Darshan’s Coupe de Grace:

  • CH Darshans Razzle Dazzle Di

Out of Braaehaus Begin The Begine:

  • CH Kephart’s Vagabond V Salo

Out of Braaehaus Sadie:

  • CH Braaehaus Moving On

Out of Anjeanant’s Black Magic:

  • CH Anjeanant’s Gudrun
  • CH Anjeanant’s Bold Spirit

Out of CH Von Luckner’s Dainty Bess:

  • CH Beadox Cindy of Hollywood
  • CH Von Luckners Traveling Wynne
  • CH Beadox Brutus of Hollywood
  • CH Beadox J B of Hollywood

Out of CH Whistlestop’s Kandee Kane ROM :

Out of CH Braaehaus Shipshape:

  • CH Valore The Happy Wanderer

Out of CH Add-Sim’s Cover Girl SS:

Out of CH Georgia Dachs Anna Belle:

  • CH Georgia Dachs Lucinda
  • CH Georgia Dachs Lujack
  • CH Georgia Dachs Lucile

Out of Braaehaus Leading Lady:

  • FC Braaehaus Lucky Lady
  • CH Braaehaus Lady Liberty
  • CH Braaehaus Lady of Leisure

Out of CH Ebony Talisman of Choo Choo:

  • CH Talisman’s Cristina Crispin
  • CH Crispin’s Joltin’ Joe

Out of CH Nick’s Jonilyn:

  • CH Wade’s Queen Of Hearts

Out of CH Choo Choo’s Sweetheart ROMX:

Out of Katemar’s Braaehaus Sigfreda:

  • Am/Can CH Braaehaus Footman

Out of  CH Doxhaus Skyrocket:

  • CH Harmo Sunburst II

Out of CH M’s Hundehaus Melissa:

  • CH Hundehaus Katelin

Out of CH Milbryan Goskan:

  • MBIS CH Herman Herman Dob Mann
  • CH Dachs Dream Dob Mann

Out of Stardach’s Eventide O’Taralee:

  • Am/Can CH Taralees Stardach Montana