CH Bristleknoll Bonus O’Barhar W (Pending)


CH Bristleknoll Bonus O’Barhar








Red Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Barhar Take Me Along W ROMX
Dam: CH Hollydachs Betsy Ross W ROMO
Whelped: December 2. 1979
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Lucille Moden
Owner: Mrs. Alan Robson


Out of CH Fancy That Miss Priscilla W:

  • CH Fancy That Ruth Louise SW
  • CH Fancy That Bobby Jane W
  • CH Fancy That Ashley Jack

Out of CH Brierhill’s Jubilee W ROMX:

  • CH Bristleknoll Sky King W
  • CH B’Knoll Wild Oats v Charton

Out of CH Chopmist Lady Buxton:

  • CH Legibach’s Lady Of Albelarm
  • CH Legibach’s Bonepart W

Out of CH Ardlyn’s None Such Bobby’s Girl:

  • CH Destiny None Such Bobby’s Boy

Out of CH Poor Soul’s Sweet and Low:

  • CH Pocaty Good Golly Mis Molly
  • CH Pocaty Sugar of Albelarm W

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  • CH Jric’s Turn It Loose Tonight W

Out of CH Jeric’d Hot Tamale W:

  • CH Jeric’s Renegade W

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  • CH Schondachs Draht Eric

CH None Such Mexicale Rose W:

  • CH None Such Poison Ivy W

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  • CH Bristleknoll Ruby v Bonus
  • CH Hillandachs Holy Cow B’Knoll
  • CH Hillandachs Bonus Baby W
Out of Can CH Grinzing’s Edeltraud W:
  • CH Grinzing’s Iacoca W