CH Brodny’s Littlest Rebel (Pending)


Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Saytar’s Little Bohannon SW ROMO
Dam: CH Brodny’s Shirley Temple
Whelped: September 27, 1995
Died: NA
Breeders: Frederick and Carol Vogel
Owners: Frederick and Carol Vogel



Out of CH Fancy That Caroline:

  • CH Fancy That Shessostriking
  • CH Fancy That Sheshannah SW TD CDX VC
Out of CH Schoolhouse Heaven Sent:
  • Ch Brodny Schoolhouse Nightgame – Specialty BV
  • DC Brodny Schoolhouse Stardust
  • CH Brodny Schoolhouse Devine M
  • CH Brodny Schlhse Hole-In-One – DCA WD
  • CH Brodny Schlhse Grand Slam
  • CH Brodny Schoolhouse TourDeLance
  • CH Brodny Schlhse Olympic Racer
  • CH Brodny Schoolhouse Downhill Racer
  • CH Brodny Schoolhouse Encore

Out of CH Daiji Amaretto W:

  • CH Daiji Dr. Dean W