CH Cid vom Werderhavelstrand (ROMO Eligible)


831578 (German Import)
Red Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: Burschle vom Adlerschroffen
Dam: Sascha vom Werderhavelstrand
Whelped: July 19, 1930
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Margarete  Erb
Owner: Hans H. Sachers


Out of CH Harriet v Stahlhaus:

  • MBIS/MBISS CH Cid Junior of Lakelands
  • CH Cid’s Amber v. Dachshafen − Group Winner
  • CH Eric v. Stahlhaus
  • CH Kurt v. Stahlhaus
  • CH Freda v. Stahlhaus

Out of Voewood’s Mitzie:

  • CH Cid’s Cinnamon v. Dachshafen
  • CH Cid’s Ginger v. Dachshafen − Group Winner
  • CH Voewood Cid’s Schalk

Out of Kargoll’s Alraune:

  • FC Alfreda v. Kargollheim − Three time “Best in Field” (equivalent of Absolute) Winner

Out of CH Maerchen v. Dachshafen:

  • CH Cid’s Lone Ace v. Dachshafen

Out of Wallpurga v. Sollinge:

  • CH Burschle of Lakelands
  • CH Cid’s Gretel of Lakelands

Out of Enna of Little Farm:

  • CH Nadia of Little Farm
  • CH Nico of Little Farm
  • CH Nino of Litte Farm

Out of CH Bona of Little Farm:

  • CH Heka of Little Farm
  • CH Harpo of Little Farm

Out of Henny:

  • CH Sophie v. Weichfelstrand
  • CH Penny Wayston

Out of Hannchen v. Sollinge:

  • CH Cid’s Teufel

Out of Alf’s Netty v. Lindebuhl:

  • CH Cid’s Stein Song

Out of Sonja v. Wittlebach:

  • CH Midge v. Wittlebach − Awarded BOB at Westminster 1937 by Judge Herbert Sanborn as a seven month old puppy in an entry of 198 dogs!
  • CH Sascha v. Hildesheim − WB and BOW at DCA 1934

Out of CH Mona of Sycamore:

  • CH Lone Eagle of Sycamore

Out of Gretel of Sycamore:

  • CH Biene of Sycamore

Out of Sophie v Weichfelstrand:

  • CH Axel of Jonedith

Out of Hilde v. Marienlust:

  • CH Meander’s Brainstorm