CH Dachsland’s Contender (Pending)


“Call Name”
Black and Tan Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: CH Hainheim’s Lance pending
Dam: Norjen Peoriapending
Whelped: April 30, 1956
Died: Date Unknown
Breeders: Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Landman
Owners: Hubertus Kennels


Out of Herthwood’s Cigarette Girl :

  • CH Herthwood’s Saffron
  • CH Hertwood’s Diana
  • CH Herthwood’s Tansy

Out of Lenair’s Cantata :

  • CH Hubertus Roberta K

Out of Caseway Jet :

  • CH De Sangpur Contestant

Out of Kati v Teckeldorf:

  • CH Merzdale’s Kati
  • CH Hubertus Bacchus

Out of Richmond’s Cyd v Waddlehausen :

  • CH Hubertus Curtius K
  • CH Richmond’s Consuela

Out of CH Kleetal’s Rose Brocade :

  • CH Barberry Knowe Copper Queen
  • CH Barberry Knowe Contestant

Out of Timbar Carann’s Aria Of Gera :

  • CH Timbar’s Lili Marlene

Out of Kleetal’s Galaxy :

  • CH Barberry Knowe Alaric
  • CH Barberry Knowe Alicia
  • CH Barberry Knowe Aennchen