CH De Sangpur Perfy (ROM Eligible)


CH De Sangpur Perfy WD DCA 1958 at Westchester KC. Judge Stanley Todd, Handler Carol Johnson Haight


Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Glen Valley’s Perfedius
Dam: CH Virginia’s Rita von Kristheim
Whelped: April 26, 1956
Died: Date Unknown
Breeder: Grace B. Hill
Owner: Robin Gianopoulos


Out of CH Conchita of Gera:

  • CH Apache Of Gera
  • CH Pippa Of Gera
  • CH Comanche Of Gera
  • CH Aztec Of Gera

Out of Peridee Rocana:

Out of CH Stony Brook’s Pachalafaka:

  • CH Stony Brook’s Pandora CD
  • CH Stony Brook’s Perfy Junior

Out of CH Stony Brook’s Petit Point:

  • CH Stony Brook’s Pretty Pearl
  • CH Altmark’s Sugar Ray
  • CH Altmark’s Tannenberg
  • CH Altmark’s Hannelore

Out of CH De Sangpur Patrice:

  • CH De Sangpur Patty’s Kurt