CH Drakesleat Komma ROM (Pending)


Red Boar (UK Brindle) Miniature Wirehaired Dog
Sire: Eng CH Drakesleat Rough Stuff
Dam: Eng CH Drakesleat Klose Encounter
Whelped: November 13, 1979
Died: Date Unknown
Breder: Zena Thorn-Andrews
Owner: Christine Cole

Out of Thumbelina v Hammeister MW:

  • Am/Can CH Hammeister Mr McGregor MW

Out of Eng CH Drakesleat Scarlet Woman:

  • CH Drakesleat Sob Story

Out of CH Wiredox Poppy Pizzazz MW ROM:

  • CH Schone Comet v Aus-Bar MW
  • CH Schone Shoot’n Star v Aus-Bar MW
  • CH Schon Meteor Novae v Aus-Bar MW
  • CH Little Nell v Aus-Bar

Out of Peshawar Evita MS:

  • CH Hammeister Red Rory MW
  • CH Hammeister Hobbit MW
  • CH Hammeister Black Opal

Out of CH Chris Harbor’s Wire Strudel-MW ROMX:

  • CH Chris Harbors Star Seeker-MW
  • CH Chris Harbors Star Kissed MW
  • CH Chris Harbor’s Stardom-MW
  • CH Chris Harbor’s Star Wyre-MW
  • CH Chris Harbor’s Star Blazer MW
  • CH Chris Harbors Railway Gal MW
  • CH Chris Harbor’s Starrey Eyed MW
  • CH Chris Harbor’s Stardust-MW

Out of Den Grig Farrah MW:

  • CH Sandar’s Lindsey of B-shir MW

Out of CH Drakesleat Scandal Monger:

  • CH Drakesleat Square Peg
  • CH Drakesleat So To Speak

Out of CH The Parsonage’s Anika MW:

  • CH The Parsonage’s Nelson

Out of CH Chris Harbor v Hapsburg Greta:

  • CH Chris Harbor’s Eric v hapsburg
  • CH Hapsburg’s Gustave MW
  • CH Hapsburg’s Hilda MW

Out of Eng CH Drakesleat Joint Effort:

  • CH Drakesleat Jus’ Dis Wun

Out of Am/Can CH Drakesleat Double  Trouble:

  • Am/Can CH Peshawar Kensington
  • CH Peshawar Huntington
  • CH Peshawar Kiss Me Kate MW

Out of Carrolland’s Miss Priss:

  • CH Friedox Reluctant  Debutant CDX

Out of Prairiedachs Cas Katandra MW:

  • FC Katandras Lt Yar MW

Out of Am/Can CH Valona’s Little Immigrant:

  • CH Valona’s Penny Lane

Out of Butterscotch’s Sweet and Low:

  • CH Con-Dor Canadian Caper MW

Out of CH Scoshire Sweet Honey MW:

  • CH CC’s Gregmuir Bailey-K
  • CH CC’s Gregmuir Raisin-K

Out of Pawprints Lasting Memory:

  • CH EJ’s Molly McWire MW

Out of CH Rellih’s Fringe Benefit MW:

  • CH Rellih’s Cactus Flower
  • CH Rellih’s Got The Gusto MW
Out of CH Ripples Encore MW:
  • CH Ripples Reprise
  • CH Ripples Rosebay of Harmo

Out of Glenshar’s Magicmouse-MW:

  • CH Glenshar’s Dan-Pat-En-Mouse MW