CH Farmeadow Rosenkavalier (Pending)


“Call Name”
Red Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: CH Dunkeldorf’s Gunther
Dam: CH Farmeadow’s Fairest Rosepending
Whelped: May 10, 1974
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Augusta Schneider
Owner: Augusta Schneider


Out of Tail’s End Phaedra:

  • CH Tail’s End Sumpen Speshul
Out of Farmeadow Arbutus SS:
  • CH Farmeadow Petula
Out of Maggie Of Farmeadow:
  • CH Farmeadow Rustic Cavalier

Out of Willo-Mar’s Pink Lady:

  • CH Farmeadow Angelique
Out of Farmeadow Summer Rain SS:
  • CH Farmeadow Last Rose of Summer
  • CH Farmeadow Rosebud

Out of Way Out Winifred:

  • CH Wayout Wilfred of Farmeadow W
Out of CH Glen De Fir’s Zora’s Rose Bud:
  • CH Glen De Fir’s Rosie’s Cavalier