CH Fleming’s Fourstar Innovation (Pending)

CH Fleming's Fourstar Innovation

CH Fleming’s Fourstar Innovation










Black and Tan Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: CH Fleming’s Star Of Wonderpending
Dam: CH Fleming’s Christina von Arbee pending
Whelped: March 27, 1992
Died: Date Unknown
Breeder: Polly Fleming
Owner: Polly Fleming and Beth Ann Mills and Susan Lane

Out of Schoolhouse Surfer Girl:

  • FC White Oak Creek Blitz’s Jada
  • CH Fleming’s Fourstar Basic Black
  • CH Fleming’s Fourstar Avalon
  • CH Fleming’s Fourstar Ambience Noire
  • CH Fleming’s Fourstar Blackout

Out of Schoolhouse Go Baby Go (ROMX Pending):

Out of CH Chilcotin’s Second Hand Rose:

  • CH Valona’s Pocahontas
  • CH Valona’s Shaman

Out of  CH Laddland Agatha Christie:

  •  CH Wavecrest’s Renaissance SS
Out of DC Lucene’s Belle Armine SS:
  • DC Hildisvin The Artful Dodger
  • CH Hildisvin Night Tripper SS JE

Out of CH Rosadachs Twist And Shout:

  • CH McDox Cracker Jack
  • CH McDox Choco Chip Cookie

Out of  Fleming’s Lazzie of Annie:

  • CH Fleming’s Fourstar Evita

Out of CH Skorpios Red Rocket Maggie:

  • CH Fleming’s Fourstar Fem Fatale

Out of CH Kinderteckel’s Nirvana:

  • CH Kinderteckel Fourstar Ingabritt