CH Gustav von Steinwald (ROM Eligible)



Handler Delores Farley; Judge Frank Ward

“Call Name”
Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Attila vom Kranichstein
Dam: Kitta v Wiesensteig
Whelped: June 19, 1958
Died:  unknown
Breeders: ?
Owners: Dr. Betty Jo Koss and Delores Farley


Out of CH Jo-Del’s Flo-Alice:

  • CH Jo-Del’s Charlemagne
Out of Gisia Mikanheim:
  • CH Jo-Del’s Nicholas – Top BIS winning LH of All Time
Out of CH Charlotte v Hessen:
  • CH Bernd von Hessen
Out of Gisela v Mikanheim:
  • CH Theodore von Mikanheim
  • CH Timothy v Mikanheim CD
Out of Gerber’s Katrina of Gary-Dachs:
  • CH Jo-Del’s Paula

Out of Jo-Del’s Juliet

  • CH Jo-Del’s Bismark II

Out of CH Halestone’s Joann:

  • CH Jo-Del’s Faust

Out of CH Jo-Del’s Jo Pheno:

  • CH Jo-Del’s Albert
Out of Jo-Del’s Valencia:
  • CH Jo-Del’s Michael

Out of Jo-Del’s Cindy Denise:

  • CH Jo-Del’s Kuyper
  • CH Jo-Del’s Mimi Louisa

Out of  CH Roderick’s Rot Fricka:

  • CH Von Der Mark’s Cracker Jack