CH Jay Bee’s Toreador (Pending)

CH Jay-Bee's Toreador

CH Jay-Bee’s Toreador









“Ole’ ”
Red Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: CH Von Relgib’s Wizard
Dam: Jay Bee’s Queen Victoria
Whelped: April 22, 1966
Died: Date Unknown
Owner: Mr. and Mrs. Shorb Steele


Out of CH Von Relgib’s Stylepending:

  • CH Von Relgib’s Boutique
  • CH Thomas Wilhelm Von Relgib

Out of CH Shimmer v Westphalen CDpending:

  • CH Barbadox Bettina Of Atchley
  • CH Barbadox Red Baron
  • CH Barbadox Bright Button
  • CH Barbadox Brewster

Out of CH Fiddlers Hill Cricket:

  • CH Fiddlers Hill Jingle Bell
  • Am/Can CH Fiddlers Hill Mistletoe

Out of CH Bright Star Of Lar Gay:

Out of Arbedachs Aphrodite:

  • CH Arbedachs Tempest

Out of Maji’s Mai-Tai:

  • CH Lee Smith of Anzar

Out of Argen’s Ravenette:

  • CH Atchley’s Senorita II
  • CH Atchley’s Matador

Out of CH Selena of Tufdachs:

  • CH Mar-Jon’s Venus

Out of Reynold’s Samantha:

  • CH Reynold’s Marshall

Out of Hawkin’s Merry Matchmaker:

  • CH Hawkin’s Wicked Winnie