CH Lauterdach’s Charon W ROM (Pending)

CH Lauterdach's Charon W

CH Lauterdach’s Charon W










Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Midernochs Sextus Wire ROMO
Dam: Delldachs Dixie Cup
Whelped: September 19, 1976
Died: NA
Breeders: John C and Ann D Burnett
Owners: John C and Ann D Burnett


Out of CH Lauterdach’s Danika W:

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  • CH Lauterdachs Erda W
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Out of CH Saytar’s Yolanda SW :

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  • CH Brazos Ski’s Prince Charles W

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  • CH Hillandachs Gabriel Wire

Out of CH Canebrake Genuine Risk W :

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  • CH Canebrake Southern Comfort W

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