BISS CH Leutnant v Marienlust (ROMO Eligible)


CH Leutnant V Marienlust







Black and Tan Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: CH Zep vom Marienlust
Dam: CH Senta v Luitpoldsheim
Whelped: January 1, 1938
Died: July 23, 1950
Breeders: Josef and Maria Mehrer
Owners: Josef and Maria Mehrer

1940 DCA Best of Breed as a two and a half year old dog. For the following 20 years, the Smooth Best of Variety winner at DCA was won by first to sixth generation offspring of Leutnant with the exception of 1941 and 1948.



Out of Moya v Marienlust:

Out of Veni v Marienlust:

  • MBIS/MBISS CH Cinderella v Marienlust − 1949 DCA BOB

Out of Adelheid v Brentwald:

  • CH Cynthia v Jo-Rene − 1947 DCA BOB
  • CH Sheba of Little Gate
  • CH Sir Joe of Little Gate

Out of CH Herzville v Marienlust:

  • MBISS CH Lustic v Marienlust

Out of Hilde II v Marienlust:

  • CH Otilder

Out of Mirzl vom Edelhof:

  • CH Linda v Edelhof
  • CH Lorelei v Edelhof

Out of CH Midge v Wittlebach:

  • CH Midge’s Madchen v Edelhof

Out of Easter’s Hannah O’Doud:

  • CH Leutnant’s Hannah Beau O’Doud
  • CH Leutnant’s Hannah Bonny O’Doud

Out of CH Zazu of Little Farm:

  • CH Little Farm Amelia

Out of Herzy von Marienlust:

  • CH Hershey of Heying-Teckel

Out of CH Bencelia’s Hansi:

  • CH Bencelia’s Beliebt

Out of Amber of Badger Hill:

  • CH Albion’s Own Black Treasure

Out of Moto’s Moppet of Little Gate:

  • CH Lieutenant Commander of Aycock

Out of CH Guntherette of Earldale:

  • CH The Lieutenant of Earldale

Out of Liri Hanheim:

  • CH Bencelia’s John

Out of Isidora v Eichwald:

  • CH Olen v Eichwald

Out of So Sweet v Dachshafen:

  • CH Myra v Dachshafen

Out of Meenie v Wilhelms:

  • CH Liebchen v Wilhelms

Out of Furstin v Zauberberg:

  • CH Far Star’s Sirius

Out of Meta Carlton:

  • CH Waverly v Marienlust

Out of Aurvandill v Isartal:

  • CH Ego v Lenzgruen

Out of Ruthie Hubertus:

  • CH Erich Hubertus
  • CH Jerry Hubertus

Out of Pumpernickel v Dachshafen:

  • CH Don Quixote v Teckeldorf
  • CH Falstaff v Teckeldorf

Out of Bobjasks Flicka:

  • CH Teckelow’s Amos

Out of CH Barcwyn Alma:

  • CH Barcwyn Winston

Out of Tookie von Warzenluft:

  • CH Cassandra of Lindakin

Out of Arnkind v Isartal:

  • CH Alex v Nesbittenhof
  • CH Andy v Nesbittenhof

Out of CH Albion’s Own Penelope ROMO:

  • CH Badger Hill Argo