CH Moffett’s Midas (Pending)

CH Moffett's Midas

CH Moffett’s Midas winning a major during DCA Week in Kansas in 1978









Red Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: Am/Can CH Cook’s Home Brew ROMX
Dam: CH Moffett’s Halo
Whelped: May 2, 1977
Died: Date Unknown
Breeder: Thelma L. Moffett
Owners: Russ and Thelma Moffett


Out of CH Chloetelle Of Dachsborough ROM:

Out of CH Rose Farms Choo Choo ROMX:

  • CH Moffett’s Fallon v Boondox – Group winner
  • CH Boondox Fern Fahne
  • CH Boondox Flora v Candachs

Out of CH Murgam’s Cassie Bunyan:

  • CH Murgam’s Hollie Bunyan

Out of CH Han-Jo’s Dana SS ROMX:

Out of CH Farmeadow Elka v Sanchristo:

  •  CH Evonne Of Sanchristo

Out of CH Moffett’s Olive v Boondox:

  • CH Moffett’e Jewel In The Crown
  • CH Moffett’s Eye Of The Tiger

Out of CH Hytides Young At Heart:

  • CH Idlewire’s Sir Scoot Of Simdac – Group winner
  • CH Simdac’s Tempest

Out of Knolland Gypsy Of Distlefinkpending:

  • CH Risa’s Rough Waters
  • CH Risa’s Redwing
  • CH Risa’s Rice Pudding v Bermarg
  • CH Risoldette Of Distlefink
  • CH Nova’s Crimson Ca-Risa
  • CH Risa’s Smooth Sailing

Out of CH Laurhel’s Crème De Cocoa:

  • CH Bradauch Bette v Rose Farm – Group winner

Out of CH Simdac’s Cicely:

  • CH Von Geil’s Backseat Tilly
  • CH Von Geil’s Better Times

Out of Suejaz Bewitching Samanthapending:

  • CH Suejaz Victorias Monique CDX TD
  • CH Sueja Benson CD
  • CH CH Suejaz Billy The Kid
  • CH Suejaz Black Bart
  • CH Suejaz Midy Dog
  • CH Suejaz Sebastian CD
  • CH SueJaz Maddie
  • CH Suejaz Monica

Out of CH Jasmine v Candachs:

  • CH Candachs Midnight Madness