CH Museland’s Cyril (Pending)

CH Museland's Cyril

CH Museland’s Cyril









Black and Tan Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: CH Nixon’s Fleeting Encounter ROMX
Dam: MBISS Am/Can CH Museland’s Alysia ROMX
Whelped: May 13, 1974
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Dorothy Muse
Owner: Barbara Haisch


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  • CH Barbadox Ramona

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  • CH Barbadox Zander

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  • CH Valetta Of Tufdachs
  • CH Viscount Of Tufdachs
  • CH Vanessa Of Tufdachs

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  • FC Badgerbane’s Ooklah The Mok − Absolute Winner

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  • CH Sandar’s Bowangle
  • CH Sandar’s Luv V Barbadox

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