CH Phl’s Aneas Of Love Call Seven JP (Pending)


Am/Can/Jap CH Phl’s Aneas Of Love Call Seven JP








Red Miniature Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Glenavan Anticipation ML ROMX
Dam: CH Rocksolid’s Elegant Lady
Whelped: December 20, 2001
Died: NA
Breeder: Chiemi Shimizu
Owner: Valerie T. Diker


Richard was bred in Japan by Chiemi Shimizu. Canadian judge and Dachshund breeder, Guy Jeavons, picked him from a group of longhaired dachshund champions he was judging. Guy then asked if he could purchase Richard and bring him back home to Ontario. Richard arrived in Canada and soon became a Canadian champion. Pam Desrosiers, a well known handler in America, put me in touch with Guy. I flew to Canada and met Richard. He was a well-conformed boy with wonderful movement. I purchased Richard and brought him home to New York.

Pam and Mark showed Richard for me for two years.

Richard ended his show career with a Best of Variety at Westminster 2007. He has been in great demand as a stud dog. As of 2012, he has sired 21 champions and is still in limited breeding at 11 years of age.

Richard is very “people” oriented. He is sweet natured and affectionate. He enjoyed showing. He has been living with my handlers and will soon come “home” to be trained as my third therapy dog. I feel very strongly that retired champions usually have a perfect, even natured temperament to become excellent therapy dogs. They should have “a job” and not live out their days as “couch potatoes”.

Valerie Diker, March 2012



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