CH Saytar’s Bow Jr Of Joyal W (Pending)

CH Saytar's Bow Jr of Joyal

Judge Anne Clark, Handler Bobby Fowler and CH CH Saytar’s Bow Jr of Joyal W











CH Saytar’s Bow Jr of Joyal W

Red Standard Wirehaired
Sire: CH Saytar Bohannon
Dam: CH Cheves Annabel
Whelped: January 3,  1977
Died: NA
Owner: Michael Reed

DCA BV Winner-1980 and All Breed BIS winner of 1980


Out of CH Saytar’s Jarmella:

  • CH Saytar’s Cosmo Topper
  • CH Posthaste Fair And Fancy Free

Out of CH Harmo Gwendolen :

  • CH Harmo Bolero
  • CH Harmo Bowla
Out of CH Saytar Spring Fever :
  • CH Saytar’s Fudge Pudge SW
  • CH Saytar’s Summer Madness
  • CH Saytar’s Summer Breeze
Out of CH Kochana’s Samantha :
  • CH Kochana’s Sunburst Wyre
Out of Cornus Ariadne:
  • CH Saytar’s Margo SW
Out of CH Jem’s Heller W :
  • CH Jem’s Special Edition W
Out of Herthwood’s Berta Wind:
  • CH Herthwood’s Cinnamon
Out of Willow Wind’s Paso v Grinzing W :
  • CH Grinzing’s Birgette At Seabury
Out of CH None Such Midnite Lace W :
  • CH Princess Lorelei of Gejan
Out of CH Mischievous Wilma :
  • CH Michievous Bad Leroy Brown
Out of Herthwood’s Frena Totton :
  • CH Herthwood’s Sea Witch
  • CH Joymac Jill Hooker SW
Out of R’Cola’s Briarpatch Huntress CDX :
  • CH Willagaye Chocolate Moose