CH Solo’s Seafarer W (Pending)


DCA 1985 BOS-B Judge Dorothy O. Hutchinson; Handler Michael Zollo

“Call Name ”
Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Solo’s Harbormaster W
Dam:  CH Solo’s Night Song W
Whelped: February 13, 1983
Died: Date Unknown
Breeders: Patti Nelson and Alma Wells
Owner: Patti Nelson


Out of CH Be Patient Homestead Jenna W:

  • CH  Homestead’s My Toy Gizmo
  • CH Star’s Homestead Spencer W– Specialty BB winner

Out of CH Solo’s Virginia Belle W :

  • CH  Solo’s Lorelei W
  • CH  Solo’s Sea Heir W
  • CH  Charton’s Liberation W
  • CH  Charton’s Jubilation W
  • CH  Charton’s Firecracker W
  • CH  Charton’s Stars And Stripes W
  • CH  Charton’s Sandpiper W
  • Ch.  Charton’s Celebration W
  • CH  Von Hess Haus Greta Garbear
  • CH  Von Hess Haus Scarlet O’Beara
  • CH  V. Hess Haus Queen Elizabear
  • CH  Von Hess Haus Zsa Zsa GaBear
  • CH  V. Hess Haus Winston Bearchill
Out of CH Solo’s Dazzling Harbor Light W:
Out of  CH Solo’s Dagmar At Daybreak W :
  • CH  Daybreak’s Act of Valor W
Out of CH Solo’s Harbor Mayden :
  • CH  Full Circle Song Of The Sea W
  • CH  Full Circle Safe Harbor
  • CH  Solo’s Seamaid SW
  • CH  Solo’s Sea Harbor SW
  • CH  Full Circle Beachcomber W
  • CH  Solo Full Circle Harbor Hawk W
  • CH  Threesteps Opal W  ROMX
  • CH  Threesteps Emerald W
  • CH  Threestep’s Islander W
  • CH  Threesteps Iris W
  • CH  Threesteps Sapphire W
  • CH  Threesteps Gibraltar W
  • CH  Threesteps Topaz W
Out of CH Sioux’s Chocolette :
  •   CH  Satori Belize W
Out of  CH Star’s Homestead Daphne W :
  • CH  Star Haven Genesis
  • CH  Homestead Star Ramona Quimby
  • CH  Starhaven Margaret W
Out of CH Cedarbend’s Virginia Dare W :
  • CH  Solo’s Sea Vixen of Cedarbend
  • CH  Cedarbend’s Sea Scout W
  • CH  Cedarbend’s Sea Mist  CD
  • CH  Cedarbend Sea Liebling W
Out of CH Maradachs Brunhilde :
  • CH  Maraldachs’ Gretchen SW
  • CH  Maraldachs’ Fredrick SW
  • CH  Maraldachs’ Son Of Seafarer
  • CH  Maraldachs’ Bismark SW
Out of CH Tynor’s Hardasnails :
  • CH  Tynor’s Bowsprit Thistle
  • CH  Tynor’s Mariner SW
  • CH  Tynor’s Windjammer
  • CH  Tynor’s Seawitch W
Out of CH Satori Amaranth W:
  •   CH  Satori Bethesda W
Out of CH Wyrhaus Lulu’s a Dazzler :
  • CH  Dazzle Georgie Puddin’N Pie
Out of CH Lorelei W of Cholla :
  • CH  The Celts Odie W von Cholla
  • CH  The Celts Michelle v Cholla
  • CH  The Celts Meri W of Cholla
  • CH  The Celt’s Genesis v Cholla  CD
  • CH  The Celts Challenge v Amber W
Out of CH Solo’s All That Jazz W:
  • CH  Duett’s I’m Jazzy Too W
Out of CH Broomhilde Of Hathor Farm W :
  • CH  The Albula of Hathor Farm SW  CD, TD
  • CH  Sentis Of Hathor Farm W  TD
Out of CH Be Patient Cindy v Longdachs :
  • CH  Longdachs Sugar Candy
Out of Threesteps Willow :
  • CH  Threesteps Annie W
  • CH  Threesteps Beeper W
  • CH  Threesteps Debra Ann W
  • CH  Jay-Roy Railway Desperado
  • CH  Jay-Roy Railway Bushwacker
  • CH  Jay-Roy Railway Wire Witch
Out of CH Drahthaar Lilli Cohen:
  • CH  Lucretia Cohen L J
  • CH  Maximillian Cohen L J
  • CH  LJ’s Oscar Gillen Albert
Out of CH Solo’s Sea Vixen Of Cedarbend :
  • CH  Solo’s Sea Venture W