CH Spartan’s Sloe Gin Fizz-MW (Pending)


Central OH Kennel Club November 14, 1976—Judge: Mrs. Katherine Finch—Handler: Jerry Rigden

Red Miniature Wirehaired Dog (incorrectly registered as Wild Boar w/ AKC)
Sire: Can CH Tori-Jarice’s Wee Angus MS ROMX
Dam: Spartan’s Mynni Wyre MW
Whelped: March 24, 1974
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Anne “Bernie” Caluwaert
Owner: Christy An Gordon-Creed


Out of CH Melody Run’s Valerie:

  • CH Oldlands Rough Cider – Phillips System 1979:  # 9 Variety:  Group Winner – 1 HG-1, 2 HG- 3, 2 HG-4
  • CH Oldlands Margarita
  • CH Oldlands Red Rooster

Out of Vienda Miss Gray:

  • CH Hi-Hill Fuzzbuster

Out of Robinwoods Magic Bundle:

  • CH Robinwood’s Magic Marker
  • CH Hi-Hill Vodka
  • CH Robinwoods Black Marker

Out of Spartan’s Wee Jessica MW:

  • CH Spartan’s Mistletoe MW
  • CH Spartan’s Knight Star MW— Multi Bests in Show;  BOV DC of SWO, May 1980; BISS DALI 1978

Out of CH Smitledachs Spice V Brayton:

  • CH Smitledach’s A New Leaf MW

Out of CH Hi-Hill Pink Gin:

  • CH Hi-Hill J and B of Oldlands

Out of Hi-Hill Vodka ‘n Twist CD CG:

  • CH Laci’s Creme de Casis
  • CH Laci’s Creme de Mocha CD

Out of Sunwood Tequila Sunrise:

  • CH Sunwood Scotch Mist

Out of Longdachs Dandi’s Dalliance:

  • CH Berwyck’s Buford

Out of Midachs Raquel Wire MW:

  • Ch MT Mansfield Capt Bang Bang