BISS CH Sleepytime’s Exacta ML ROMX


AKC Reg #HD239592
Red Miniature Longhaired Male
Sire: Bayard’s Great Scott
Dam: CH Flachshund’s Exquisite ML ROMO
Whelped: September 12, 1984
Died: “Date unknown”.
Breeders: Susan and Johnny Jones
Owners: Susan and Johnny Jones


Out of  BISS CH Sleepytime’s Exclusive ML:

  • CH Sleepytime’s Brilliant ML ROMX

Out of CH Sleepytime’s Ohio Export ML:

  • CH Sleepytime’s Facsimile ML
  • CH Sleepytime’s Fashion Plate ML

Out of CH Pawprints Desiree Dachendell:

  • CH Dachendell’s Mr. Jazzman

Out of CH Orchardwood Deep Darkness ML ROM:

  • CH Orchardwood’s Faberge ML
  • CH Orchardwood’s Facsimile ML

Out of Carawan’s Wildwood Jillian ML:

  • CH Uffda’s Holly of Hiswill

Out of CH Glenavan Cosmopolitan ML ROM:

  • CH Glenavan Sophistication ML

Out of CH Carawan’s Wildwood Kiwi ML ROM

  • CH Treaduredox Last Minute ML

Out of Glenavan Roseanne ML:

  • CH Glenavan Rosebud ML

Out of Aucon’s Solo Sprite ML CD CG:

  • CH Redox Solo Jst Nik Otime ML

Out of Greensboro’s Calamity ML ROMX:

  • CH Greensboro’s Color ‘O Night ML

Out of CH My Shadow of Joyal ML:

  • CH Joyal Ebony Archer ML
  • CH Joyal Petitie Jewel ML

Out of CH Elizabeth of Brayton ML:

  • CH Douglas of Brayton ML

Out of CH Flachshund’s Pippa v Janlyn:

  • CH Janlyn’s Jack ML

Out of Flachshund’s Vanessa ML:

  • CH Sleepytime DBL Shot V. Flachs ML

Out of CH Harmo Sprite:

  • CH Harmo Escort

Out of Sophie’s First Elken:

  • CH Elken’s Buckeye of Rose Farm ML

Out of CH Rose Farm’s Chelsea Belle ML:

  • CH Rose Farms Millenium Special ML

Out of Dachendell’s Showbiz Lola ML:

  • CH Showbiz Man of Lamancha ML