CH Car-Rae’s Moonbeam V Packer ML ROMX



Chocolate and Tan Dapple Miniature Longhair Dog
Sire: CH Packer’s Moonstone O’Willow-B
Dam: CH Packer’s My Lil Freckles MS 
Whelped: January 21, 1992
Died: “Date unknown”
Breeder: Mary A. Dowski and Derryl Packer
Owners : Nancy Pearson and Paula Carter


Get :
Out of  Flachshunds Kaydet ML  :

  • CH  Doxdane Solo Paper Moon ML
  • CH  Doxdane Solo Eclipse ML 

Out of CH  Sleepytime Merci Glenaven ML  ROMX  :

  • CH  Sleepytime’s Special Legacy ML
  •  CH Sleepytime Split Decision ML
  • CH  Sleepytime Something Special ML

Out of CH  DDD’s Wee Contessa Do-Rae ML  ROMX :

  • CH  DoRae Queen Of Denial ML
  • CH  DoRae Solo Moonstruck MLD
  • CH  Do-Rae’s Beam Me Up MLD
  • DC  Do-Rae’s A Whole New World ML
  • CH  Do-Rae’s Sonbeam V Belgate MCL
  • CH  Do-Rae Solo’s Next Generation ML

Out of  Kerrybrook Next In Line ML :

  • CH  Kerrybrook Perfect Gentleman ML

Out of CH  Manmars Jamaica Me Happy ML  NA, NAJ :

  • DC  Phantoms Music of the Night  CGC ROMX

Out of  Belgate’s Remembrance ML :

  • CH  V Schaafmeister’s Infinite Justice


  • Am. / Can. Ch.  Car-Rae’s Baby Ruth ML

Out of  Car-Rae’s Solo Constellation ML :

  • Ch.  Car-Rae’s Moonbeam ML

Out of CH  Solo’s Cover Girl MLD :

  • Ch  Doxdane Solo High Fashion MLD

Out of  Flachshund’s Keely MDL :

  • CH  Doxdane Solo Astronomer ML
  • CH  Doxdane Solo Moon Rocket ML

Out of CH  Solo’s Steel Magnolia MLD  ROMX :

  • CH  Doxdane Solo Star Trek MLD
  • CH  Solo Moonlite N Magnolias MLD

Out of  Solo’s Carbon Copy ML :

  • CH  DoRae Solo Angel Fire ML
  • CH  Dorae Solo Clair De Lune MLD
  • CH  Dorae Solo Moonshot MLD
  • Ch  Dorae Solo Masquerade ML

Out of CH  Flachshund Carrianne ML :

  • CH  Fandl’s Ebony Queen ML

Out of  Wynmeyer’s St Anistasia ML :

  • CH  Wynmeyer’s Silver Dust ML