CH Boondox Yorktown L ROMX ( ROMO Pending)


WD at DC of the Great Lakes under Judge Martha Brandon, Handler Dan Harrison

AKC Reg # HD567994
Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Lostdogs Black Bart ROMO
Dam  CH Boondox Emma v Walmar
Whelped: June 28, 1987
Died: Date unknown.
Breeders: Dan Harrison and Robert Hartkemeier
Owners: Dan Harrison and Maggie Peat

Incredibly sound, beautifully set under himself,extreme arch of neck, with the shortest of hocks, Eric sired so many daughters who went on to become good producers. Looking at his tightly linebred pedigree, this shouldn’t be exactly a surprise since he was the result of his dam being bred to her closely bred nephew. Eric finished before he was a year old, winning under Connie Simmonds (Specialty), John Cook (Speciallty) , Martha Brandon (Specialty) and Frank Sabella. After finishing, he went to Minnesota to become Maggie Peat’s Junior dog as well as their special. I can tell at a glance the pictures of Eric daughters as he did pass on that outline and type.

 Out of  CH Clipper Astoria:

  • DC Pramada’s Zorro ME GG CGC VC

Out of Bradauch Isabell L:

  • CH Bradauch Mystique L
  • CH Bradauch Magnolia L–DCA Host Show WB 1990

Out of CH Rosewood’s Here Comes Kiwi ROM:

  • CH Marikar Windach Be a Bunny
  • CH Marikar Well Xcuse Me
  • CH Marikar Mystical Charm

Out of CH Rose Farms Boondox Essence L ROMX:

  • CH Boondox Ubermensch L–DCA Host Show WD 1993
  • CH Boondox Umbra Au Liebe L JE ROMO
  • CH Boondox Unbelievable L

 Out of CH Coppertone v Boondox L:

  • CH Boondox Lavender L ROMX
  • CH Boondox Lalique L
  • CH Boondox Limoges L
  • CH Boondox Lillian L

Out of CH Walmar’s Madge v Boondox ROMO:

  • CH Walmar’s Xtravagance–DCA Host Show WB-1994
  • CH Walmar’s Xtra Special
  • CH Walmar’s Xtra Delight
  • CH Walmar’s Emily

Out of Pramada’s A Bit O’Honey L ROMX:

  • CH Pramada’s Bittersweet Bridget

Out of   CH Rose Farms Boondox Femme Fatale:

  • CH Boondox Cha Cha–DCA Host Show WB 1994

Out of Pramada’s Ultraviolet Clipper:

  • CH Pramada Zoo L