CH Wagsmore’s Sublime ML ROMX

CH Wagsmore's Sublime ML

CH Wagsmore’s Sublime ML










Red Miniature Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Glenavan Anticipation ML ROMX
Dam: Suntura’s Shazam ML ROM
Whelped: April 5, 1999
Died: November 29, 2011
Breeders: Jeff Dionne and Karyn Russell-Dionne
Owners: Jeff Dionne and Karyn Russell-Dionne

Out of CH Glenavan Vanity Fair ML ROM :

  • CH Glenavan Glamorous
  • CH Glenavan Gaiety ML

Out of Wagsmore’s Royal Tradition ML ROMO :

Out of CH Wagsmore’s Like a Fantasy ML:

  • CH Wagsmore Like Nobody’s Business ML

Out of CH Wagsmore’s Picturesque ML ROMX:

  • CH Wagsmore’s Allure ML

CH Grendel American Beauty

  • CH Wagsmore’s American Flyer ML

Out of CH Glenavan Irresistible ML:

  • CH Wagsmore’s Inspiration for Lex-An ML

Out of CH Barstar’s J. Lo ML:

  • CH Barstar’s Beyonce ML

Out of Wagssmore’s Thomasina ML:

  • CH Lilliput’s Sublime Inspiration of Wagsmore ML
  • CH Lilliput’s Royal Munchkin of Wagsmore ML