DC Dachaven Pony Express O’Siddach ROMX


Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Dachshire Wyatt Earp SL
Dam: DC Siddachs Turandot JE ROMX
Whelped: December  10, 2002
Died: NA
Breeders: Alan James and P. Lelaidier
Owners: Alan and Paula James

Out of Mye Primadox Angelica Siddachs:

  • DC Siddachs Hornful Soul

Out of CH Slamdunk’s Houstons Comet:

  • DC Slamdunks Walk The Line TD SE

Out of KayaRridge Tarabon Irish Rose:

  • CH Tarabon JB Dox Sweet Caroline
  • CH Tarabon JB Dox Sleepy Hollow
  • CH JB Dox Tarabon Bronze Star

Out of Landd’s Inquiring Minds:

  • CH Landd’s Black Magic
  • CH Landd’s Magician

Out of CH Briardach Shrimp On T’Bar-B JE:

  • CH Briardach Laramie Pony Express

Out of CH Shadowdachs’ Pollyanna ROMX:

  • FC Shadowdachs’ Monumental
  • FC Shadowdachs’ Rave On − Absolute Winner