Can CH Tori-Jarice’s Wee Angus MS ROMX


Canadian CH Tori-Jarice’s Wee Angus MS ROMX

Black and Tan Miniature Smooth Dog
Sire: CH Verdon’s Vici MS
Dam: Am/Can CH Tori Russet Princess
Whelped: August 11, 1970
Died: May 24, 1982
Breeder: Thomas J. Rice
Owner: Jeanne A. Rice

When “Angus” was born, he was so different from other pups we had seen—he looked like a little bull right from the start, thus his name.  His low station, heavy bone and small size—6.75 lbs. fully matured—made him an ideal stud to provide badly needed substance and lower station to miniatures of the day.  He certainly did help add those qualities to the miniatures of his time period.  As a bonus, he proved to be a size reducer, placing his get under the then 10 pound weight limit, even when bred to small standards.

Angus did inherit the longhair gene and passed it on quite freely to his get.  To be sure this was well known, “Angus” was shown in the Stud Dog class at Knickerbocker Dachshund Club with a Champion long, Champion smooth and Champion wire as his get!

Jeanne Rice, December 2011

Out of Jarice’s Dachs-Haven Aurora MS:

  • BISS CH Tori Jarice’s Wee Nicodemus MS − First Miniature Smooth BISS − DCA Host Show, Reserve Dachshund Club- 1975

Out of Kinkora’s Maid of Flight MW:

  • CH Tori-Jarice’s Wee Pettijon MW − Hound Group Winner and Multiple Group Placements;  #9 Wirehair- Phillips System 1975
  • CH Tori-Jarice’s Wee Jethro MW
  • CH Tori Jarice’s Wee Liesl MW

Out of Spartan’s Mynni Wyre-MW:

  • MBIS MBISS CH Spartan’s Slo Gin Fizz-MW − 68 BIS wins; 199 HG – 1 wins;
    Phillips System:   1975 #1 Variety; 1976 #1 Variety, #2 Group, 3 All Breed; 1977 #1 Variety, #3 Group, #5   All-Breed; 1978 #1 Variety, #6 Group; 1979 #2 Variety.
    Sire of MBIS Ch. Spartan’s Knight Star MW – Phillips System 1978:  #2 Variety; 1979 #1 Variety;  1980 #4 Variety.
  • CH Spartan’s Lodestar Orion MW
  • CH Spartan’s Tryon of Romary-MW

Out of Penthouse Tony Award:

  • CH Tori Jarice’s Toral Anson MS

Out of Tori Jarice’s Wee Daphne ML:

  • CH Tori Jarice’s Wee Jamilla ML – BOS-BOV DALI 1977, 1978

Out of Patti’s Lazy Daisy:

  • CH Patti’s Clorox Too MLD

Out of CH Scoshire Devi MW:

  • CH Con-Dor Can Do MW
  • CH Con-Dor Carte Blanche MW