BISS CH GrandGables Wee Mr Red Thorn ROMO


Am/Can CH GrandGables Wee Mr Red Thorn ROMO











Red Miniature Smooth Dog
Sire: Am/Can CH GrandGables Reddy Steady Go MS ROM
Dam: CH Rosan Hill Rose of Sharon MS
Whelped: August 31, 2007
Died: NA
Breeders: Guy Jeavons and Mark Houston-McMillan
Owners: Guy Jeavons and Mark Houston-McMillan

Thorn is an AKC Grand Champion and a Canadian champion. In 2014, he became the first miniature smooth to win both BOV and BOB at the DCA National Specialty.



Out of CH Crisscross Ms Mocha Melt At Grandgables MS:

  • CH Grandgables Ms. Melting Moments
  • CH Grandgables Ms Melt Ya Heart
  • CH Grandgables Wee Smooth Talker

Out of CH Crossover It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere:

  • CH Crossover Going Rogue
  • CH Crossover Keep The Change MW
  • CH Crossover Who Dat? MW

Out of CH Diagram Moreta Of Pern v Rags MW:

  • CH Diagram Rags Jonsu Dream Merchant MW

Out of Can CH D’Arisca Striped Tease:

  • CH Grandgables Lil Ms Red Nettles
  • CH GrandGables Ms. Dimple Effect
  • CH GrandGables Ms Just a Tease

Out of DicoryDox I Got Rat-A-Tude (ML):

  • CH Dickorydox Fallen Angel of Whodunit
  • CH Dickorydox Ride The Wind V Dachsology

Out of Grandgables Lil Ms Juicy Lucy:

  • CH Grandgables Wee Cactus Jack

Out of Can CH GrandGables Ms Diva Fredericka:

  • CH Pandoradox Thorny Thicket

Out of GrandGables Ms Field Of Dreams:

  • CH Hearthside Splendid Splinter
  • CH Hearthside The Babe

Out of CH GrandGables Ms Hit A Low Note:

  • CH GrandGables Ms Sharp Cookie

Out of CH GrandGables Ms Hop Skip N Jump:

  • CH GrandGables Wee Jack A Dandy

Out of CH GrandGables Ms J Lowla:

  • CH Grandgables Ms So Sweet N So Low

Out of CH GrandGables Ms Kiss My Cookies MS:

  • CH Grandgables Ms French Kiss

Out of Grandgables Ms Melodramatic:

  • CH Grandgables Wee Drama Series

Out of CH Grandgables Ms Sensational:

  • CH Grandgables Wee Thornicator

Out of GrandGables Ms Simply Edible:

  • CH GrandGables Thorny Thicket ML

Out of GrandGables Ms Singalong Susie:

  • DC Hidden Cedars Ima Fool 4U MS
  • FC Hidden Cedars Kiss Me U Fool MS

Out of CH GrandGables Ms Smartie Pants:

  • CH Grandgables Lil Ms Hot Pants
  • CH Grandgables Wee Mr Brushwood

Out of Can CH Grandgables Ms Some Bunny Else ROMX:

  • CH Grandgables Carpaccio In Red
  • CH Grandgables Lil Ms Brier Rose
  • GCH Grandgables Sumbuddy Walden − Multiple BISS winner

Out of CH GrandGables Ms Stripey Brown MS:

  • CH Grandgables Ms Vaguely Rippled

Out of Grandgables Ms Tantalize Me:

  • CH Grandgables Wee Mr. Double Up

Out of Grandgables Ms Yummy Yummy:

  • CH Grandgables Ms Ever So Yummy

Out of CH Grandgables RHill Constellation MS:

  • CH GrandGables Ms Flirting With RHill
  • CH Rhill Grandgables Reddy to Believe ML
  • CH RHill’s GrandGables Wee Thorny Adventure
  • CH RHill’s Miss Iridescence
  • CH RHill’s Total Knockout MS − Specialty Winner

Out of CH GrandGables Spoonful Of Sugar ML:

  • CH Rhill’s Big Bang ML
  • CH Rhill’s Ms. Grandgables Sprinkled with Sugar (MS)
  • CH Rhills Sinfully Sweet at Shamrockln ML

Out of FC Hidden Cedars Double Trouble MS ROMX:

  • DC Hidden Cedars I Do De Clair MS
  • DC Hidden Cedars Make UR Mark MS
  • FC Hidden Cedars The Writins On The Wall

Out of CH Lodiah Ottilde (ML):

  • CH Lodiah Clothilde MS
  • CH Lodiah Dexter MS
  • CH Lodiah Springerle MS

Out of Kinchville Blacksuited Blondy:

  • CH Perfect Painted Edition Wee Milton

Out of CH Kurzebeine Ms on Defeat Calif. Drm. FCI:

  • CH Majesdach Carmel Macchiato

Out of CH Magnolia’s It’s Tina’s Turn at Paradise MS:

  • CH Paradise’s Hot Summer Night MS
  • CH Paradise’s Red Hot Ticket MS

Out of CH Minsmere Morningstar MW:

  • CH Minsmere Beautiful Morning MS

Out of CH Nepachee’s Sole (ML):

  • CH Virgo Juicy Coutour

Out of CH RHill’s She’s Out of Your League MS:

  • CH RHill’s Divergent MS
  • CH RHill’s Ivy League Miss MS
  • CH RHill’s League Of Legends MS

Out of CH Rose Farm’s Moving On Out MS:

  • CH St. Croix’s I Need You Baby Of Rose Farm MS
  • CH St. Croix’s Too Good To Be True of Rose Farm MS

Out of CH Rosefarms Dikerdachs Princess Dee ML:

  • CH Dikerdachs Dora

Out of CH Saytar’s Blonde Bombshell-MW:

  • CH Tievoli Rumors Oh Hail Yeah MW

Out of CH Tievoli Minnie Me MW:

  • CH Intruders Brace for Impact MW

Out of CH Woodwyn Spring Bouquet MW:

  • CH Woodwyn Miss Rose Thorn MW
  • CH Woodwyn Mr Thornberry MW