MBISS Am/Can CH Jolly Dachs George ROMX


ch jolly Dachs george

Red Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: MBIS MBISS CH Falcon of Heying-Teckel ROMO
Dam: Georgette of Heying-Teckel
Whelped: May 11, 1963
Died: August 31, 1976
Breeders: Joy and Al Levy
Owner: Ann and Michael Gordon

Multiple Hound Group winner in the US and Canada.  Also sired Canadian CH Redstart v Westphalen II out of Brash Promise v Westphalen II.

Out of CH Ravenridge’s Ravenette:

  • CH Ravenridge’s November Morn–BV W Pa DC Sept 68

Out of Ravenridge’s Burnished Beauty:

  • CH Ravenridge’s Red Poppy

Out of Fleming’s Falcon Memory ROMX:

  • CH Fleming’s Jolly Julie–DCA BV  1969

Out of CH Pruitt’s Raven ROM:

  • CH Pruitt’s Cavalier
  • CH Pruitt’s Crusader
  • CH Pruitt’s Geechee Boy
  • CH Pruitt’s Lady Meg
  • CH Pruitt’s Roxanna

Out of BISS CH Lynsulee’s Luckibelle ROMX:

  • CH Lynsulee’s Buckeye Belle
  • CH Lynsulee’s Luckison
  • CH Lynsulee’s Bonnibelle

Out of CH Fiddler’s Hill Cricket:

  • MBIS MBISS CH Fiddler’s Hill Cinnamon Bun
  • CH Fiddler’s Hill Cinnamon Toast

Out of Hindenburg’s Dayla v Nixon:

  • CH Hindenburg’s Jolly Georgian

Out of Wendy Of Rose Farm:

  • CH Hollywen’s Pretty Boy Floyd- Specialty BB- Nor-Port DC 1969

Out of Inge Dahl Of Harroth:

  • CH Inge Dahls Jolly Sambo
  • CH Inge Dachs Joly Georgette  DCA WB 1970

Out of CH Lynsulee’s Theta:

  • CH Copper Penny IX

Out of Dunkeldorf’s Zabrina:

  • CH Mullers Derek v Dachsmeister

Out of Vali Hi’s Crown Confection:

  • CH Vali-Hi’s Travelin’ Man