CH Proudly We Hail v Westphalen ROMX


Black and Tan Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: CH Add-Sim’s Jonathan SS
Dam: CH Star Spangled v Westphalen
Whelped: July 4, 1988
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Peggy A. Westphal and Ruth Timberman
Owners: Lucia Butler and Sid Sims


Out of CH Candachs Heike:

  • CH Candachs Dyna Glide
  • CH Candachs Oscar Stout
  • CH Candachs Harley Low Rider CD

Out of CH Dachsborough Victorianna ROMX:

  • CH Dachsborough Challenger-Too
  • CH Dachsborough Ariel
  • CH Dachsborough Gemini
  • CH Dachsborough Apollo
  • CH Dachsborough Miranda

Out of Robwest Santa Anita:

  • CH Robwest Rockets Glare

Out of Robwest Belmont Park:

  • CH Zeidgiest Pepperpot
  • CH Zeidgiest R and S’s Triple L and B JE

Out of Dachsborough Lia v Tejas SS ROMX:

  • CH Tejas’ Tom Clancy SS
  • CH Tejas’ Judith Krantz SS
  • CH Tejas’ James Herriot SS
  • CH Tejas’ Danielle Steele SS

Out of CH Tejas’ Smooth Talkin’ SS:

  • CH Tejas’ Venus Lacy SS
  • CH Tejas’ Dominque Dawes SS