CH Barhar Minnie’s Boy ROMX


CH Barhar Minnie's Boy W ROMX

“Call Name”
Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Westphal’s Shillalah ROMO
Dam: CH Midernoch’s Wild Card W ROMO
Whelped: March 17, 1973
Breeder: Patricia Ridgard
Owners: Patricia Ridgard, Charles Baris and John Hart


Twice BV at DCA in 1975 and 1976

Out of CH Lauterdachs’ Cathreana W:

Out of CH Threesteps Pixie W:

  • CH Threesteps Bodacious W
  • CH Threesteps Cricket W
  • CH Threesteps Queen of Sheba W
  • CH Threesteps Lily W
  • CH Threesteps Lobo W
  • CH Threesteps Piper W

Out of None Such Second Hand Rose W:

  • CH None Such Minnie-Ha W
  • CH Ardlyn’s None Such Bobby’s Girl CD
  • CH None Such Chinaman’s Chance W

Out of CH Poor Soul’s Dusky Duchess W:

  • CH Poor Soul’s Sweet ‘n’ Low W

Out of CH Wenric Witching Hour:

  • CH Barhar Magic To Do