CH Fancy That Anthony SW ROMX


“Call Name”
Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Solo’s Harbormaster W
Dam: CH Fancy That Bobby Jane W
Whelped: December 7, 1987
Died: Date Unknown
Breeder: Joan Earle Mattie
Owner: Joan E Mattie

Out of CH Robinwood Homestead Carat W:

  • CH Robinwood Half Carat W
  • CH Robinwood Rough Cut W
  • CH Meadow Dox Robinwood Clint W

Out of Bristleknoll Crimson Belle W:

  • CH Charton’s I’m Tigger Too W
  • CH Charton’s Red Devil V B’Knol

Out of CH Saytar’s Cleopatria:

  • CH Saytar Brazos Ski Tiger
  • CH Saytar’s Ron Barrilito W
  • CH Saytar’s Cesery of Circle C

Out of CH Starbarrack Emerald SW:

  • CH Fancy That Buymediamonds SW

Out of CH Waldmeer’s Lottie Ms. Chief ROMX:

Out of CH Charton’s Jubilation W:

  • CH Charton’s Hallelujah W
  • CH Charton’s Aristocrat W
  • CH Charton’s Stand Up & Cheer W

Out of CH Waldmeer’s Pennant Dollidachs:

  • CH Dollidachs Party On Paws W
  • CH Dollidachs Lottery Pick W
  • CH Dollidachs Waldmeer Slapshot
  • CH Dollidachs Davey O’Waldmeer
  • CH Waldmeer’s MS Chief Tradition

Out of Chrislane’s Ms Liberty W:

  • CH Charton Sparkle Plenty W