CH Joydachs Tombar’s Joltin Joe ROMX


“Call Name”
Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Kabo’s Dr. Pepper of Tombar W
Dam: Tombars Joydach’s Sol W
Whelped: October 3, 1983
Died: Date unknown

Out of CH Von Hess Haus Scarlet O’Beara:

  • CH Gejan’s Vanna Jo’Beara

Out of CH Devrin A Darkstar Tiffany W ROM:

  • CH Cantica Cinder W Of Manorie
  • CH Cantica’s Bacchus W of Manorie
  • CH Sioux’s Demi Sec W Of Manorie
  • CH Cantica’s Rose’ W Of Manorie
  • CH Cantica Margaux W Of Manorie
  • DC Cantica Madeira W of Manorie

Out of Boot Hill TK Candy Bar W ROMX:

Out of Ch Del Prado’s Barsinister W:

  • CH Del Prado Manndlen
  • CH Del Prado’s Mozik W