CH B’s Javelin de Bayard ROMO


CH B’s Javelin de Bayard ROMO

Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Bayard le Franchot
Dam: CH Robdachs Tambourine
Whelped: September 3, 1970
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Barbara Lyons
Owners: During his show career, Mr. and Mrs. George Hendrickson; after, Hannelore Heller


At one point, you could visit Hannelore’s motorhome and see Flare, Java, Ully and Gerolf. All of them were so outstanding in their own way, anyone would want to start breeding this variety just to take advantage of that quality. They were not only beautiful and correct, but had that laidback LH temperament that we all love.

Java started his career by going BV at DCA from the puppy class under Dottie Pickett. He was a multiple BIS and Specialty BB winner under Hannelore’s tutelage. While not as glamorous as Bo or Gerolf, he had a magnificent front with long shoulder blades and upper arm along with a very oval front. Being a little higher stationed, he  was extremely valuable in bringing back a longer bone pattern and more oval body. His most famous offspring was CH Han-Jo’s Ulyssis L ROMO, one of the soundest, best moving Dachshunds ever. Java bred to Flare daughters (and vice-versa) was the ‘cross of gold’!!
-Dan Harrison, December 2011

Out of CH Bayard la Flammerole:

Out of CH Han-Jo’s Lollipop L ROMO:

Out of Karlew’s Mark of Glory:

Out of CH Distlefink Katy v Kieferwald:

  • CH Blinken v Kieferwald

Out of Rose Farms Blackberry Buff L ROMO:

Out of CH Delta’s Autumn Flare L:

  • CH Delta’s Peppermint Patti

Out of CH Dorndorf’s Andrea L ROMXpending:

  • CH Dorndorf’s Express L – BISS
  • CH Dorndorf’s Ericka L
  • CH Dorndorf’s Erdmann L

Out of CH Dakeldorf’s Merry Christmas:

  • CH Flachshund Jolene v Sosebee

Out of Han-Jo’s Borina:

  • CH Han-Jo’s Damon L

Out of Riley’s Trinka:

  • CH Han-Jo’s Javelle L

Out of Han-Jo’s Mischief Maker L:

  • CH Han-Jo’s Standing Ovation L

Out of CH Lady Rosalyn of Sirius L ROMX:

  • CH Han-Jo’s Vanguard L
  • CH Han-Jo’s Vermouth L

Out of CH Jandelo’s Harvest Moon:

  • CH Jandelo’s Justin
  • CH Jandelo’s Jessica of Charlane
  • CH Jandelo’s Jacey

Out of Can CH Maxdox La Duchesse:

  • CH Maxdox Javelin

Out of CH Hexenhof’s Penny’s Poltergiest:

  • CH Poltergeist Apollo L
  • CH Poltergeist Athena L
  • CH Poltergeist Achilles L

Out of CH Pramada’s Honeysuckle L ROMX:

Out of CH Rose Farms Country Girl ROMX:

Out of Wiljohn’s Impression L:

  • CH Sheelin’s Pickadilly
  • CH Sheelin’s Great Pretender

Out of Siedach’s Sparkling Flame:

  • CH Siedachs Flamin Torch

Out of CH Dabb’s Arabella :

  • CH Solong Shane O’Bristleknoll
  • CH Solong Serena O’Bristleknoll

Out of CH Stonybrook’s Panda Bear:

  • CH Stonybrook’s Papa Bear

Out of CH Teckelterre’ Rapunzel’s Kiss:

  • CH Teckelterre’s Trip ToThe Moon
  • CH Teckelterre’s Dark Of The Moon

Out of CH Maxsohn’s Melody:

  • CH Wiljohn’s Calliope L
  • CH Wiljohn’s Coda L
  • CH Wiljohn Maxsohn Concertina L

Out of CH Bittersweet Odette:

  • CH Wiljohn Finesse L
  • CH Wiljohn Foolish Pleasure L
  • CH Wiljohn Future v Brhelhaus L

Out of CH Nellie of Sirius L ROM  – pending:

  • CH Han-Jo’s Christina L
  • CH Han-Jo’s Corinne L