MBISS CH Boondox Panama Jack ROMO


Badger KC May 1986 | Judge James Edward Clark | Handler Dan Harrison

Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Han-Jo’s ‘Xtra Copy L ROMO
Dam: CH Boondox Emma v Walmar ROMO
Whelped: August 25, 1984
Died: 1998
Breeders: Dan Harrison and Robert Hartkemeier
Owner: Dan Harrison


A seventh-generation ROM, PJ is the All-Time Top Producing Longhaired Dachshund, being the first Dachshund to sire over 100 American champions as well as many Canadian champions. His champion get were usually more than just finishable–most were Specialty winners and Specials.  His get dominated the bigger shows, such as DCA, Westminster and Knickerbocker, for years. It is rare, even today,  for any standard longhaired winners at these shows not to trace back to PJ.

Besides being the epitome of type  and style, in my opinion, he was a joy to live with, got along with all the other dogs and LOVED to show. He had a huge impact on the  Boondox line, in addition to the other most successful standard longhaired kennels of the 80s and 90s. His mark on the breed cannot be overstated and stretched far beyond the US borders, most notably to Australia and Japan.

The photo above was taken the day after PJ finished his Championship. 
-Dan Harrison, December 2011

Out of CH Rose Farms Zesabel of Boondox ROMO:

Out of CH Rose Farms Hannelore Boondox ROMX:

  • CH Boondox Chaps L  ROMX — Twice DCA BV, Westminster Group Placer, Multiple Group and Specialty BB winner
  • CH Boondox Cheers L — Multiple Group Winner
  • CH LL Cool J v Boondox L — finished undefeated in the classes

Out of CH Rose Farms Honey v Boondox L:

Out of CH Rose Farms Jasmine v Boondox:

  • CH Bradauch Imelda L — BOS-BOB Specialty
  • CH Bradauch Simon v Boondox L — Group winner

Out of CH Boondox Umbra Au Liebe L JE ROMO:

  • CH Dachshire Little Casino L ROMX
  • CH Dachshire Midnight Sun L
  • DC Dachshire Main Man
  • CH Dacshire Read’Em and Weep L
  • CH Dachshire Had To Have One L
  • CH Dachshire Star Gazier L
  • DC Dachshire Jokers Wild L
  • CH Dachshire Lady Luck
  • CH Dachshire Queen of Hearts

Out of Boondox Sweet Jane:

  • CH Boondox Ipsy Pipsy ROMX — Twice DCA BOS-V, multiple Group and Specialty BB winner
  • CH Boondox Ipso Facto — Specialty BV Winner

Out of CH Bayard La Manon:

Out of CH Rose Farms Orchid v Boondox ROMO:

Out of CH Whistlestop’s Miffin T-Ann ROMX:

  • CH Manorville’s Spellbinder — DCA BOS-V
  • CH Manorville’s Curtain Call

Out of CH Walmar’s Ivy v Boondox:

  • CH Rosendox Phoenix Rising
  • CH Rosendox Auto Pilot

Out of CH Walmar’s Hollyhochs v Boondox ROMX:

  • CH Walmar’s Quo Vadis ROMX — BV DCA, multiple Specialty BB
  • CH Walmar’s Quiet Mistress
  • CH Walmar’s Quantum Leap — BIS Winner
  • CH Walmar’s Fashion Plate

Out of Geri-Hill’s My Clementine ROMX:

  • CH Mannequin’s Bahama Bob — Multiple BIS and Specialty Winner
  • CH Mannequin’s Candi Bar L ROMO — Multiple Group Placer and Specialty Winner
  • CH Mannequin’s Simply O’Henry L
  • CH Mannequin Caradach Top Carat

Out of Rosewood’s Genesee v Arimich:

  • CH Arcadia v Arimich SL — DCA WB
  • CH Addison v Arimich SL

Out of CH Barkerville Lauren Bacall ROMX:

  • CH Barkerville Carmen Miranda
  • CH Barkerville Stetson

Out of CH Rose Farms Wild Card:

  • CH Rose Farms Oprah v Boondox

Out of CH Rose Farms Elite v Boondox ROMX:

  • CH Lostdogs Claim Jumper

Out of CH Boondox Quicksilver L ROMX:

Out of CH Braaehaus Lady of Leisure:

  • CH Boondox Braaehaus Kiowa

Out of CH Jacari’s The One:

  • CH Braaehaus High Sierra — DCA WD, Group Winner
  • CH Braaehaue Beat The Devil
  • CH Braaehaus Silk Stockings

Out of CH Beldachs’ Magique Renoir:

  • CH None Such Magic Mirror

Out of CH Solong Shannon v Bristleknoll:

  • CH Solong Twist of Fate L
  • CH Solong Totally Ruthless

Out of CH Mayapple Marleste Singalong:

  • CH Mayapple Bestus For Lastus

Out of Boondox Braduach Gilda L:

Out of CH Boondox Hilarity L ROM:

  • CH Boondox Yves St L
  • CH Boondox Yoko L
  • CH Boondox Yolanda L

Out of Boondox Sunni O Ember:

Out of CH Youngs Way Magic Show L:

  • CH Cherrywoods Abbracadazzle  L
  • CH Youngs Way Touch of Magic

Out of CH Siddachs Aria:

  • DC Siddachs Donizetti

Out of CH Pramada’s Quintessence:

  • CH Pramada’s All Acclaim L
  • CH Pramada’s Anivance L

Out of CH Wyndcrest Country Sampler ROMX:

  • DC Stony Banks Pretty Baby L TD

Out of CH Delldachs Sunny Beach:

  • CH Delldachs Sea Breeze L
  • CH Delldachs Seamist of Karavel L

Out of CH Boondox Lillian L:

  • CH Walmar’s Dracula — Group Winner
  • CH Walmar’s Druid Princess — Six Best in Sweeps including DCA

Out of Rose Farms Taking a Chance:

Out of CH Siddachs Fancuilla:

  • CH Siddachs Ondine
  • CH Siddachs Olympia

Out of Sudhana’s Hannah v Majestic:

  • CH Cedarcreek’s Meg-O-My Heart
  • CH Cedarcreek’s Union Jack

Out of CH Rose Farms Boondox Femme Fatale:

  • CH Boondox Melanie

Out of CH Han-Jo’s Odette L:

  • CH Ka-Ba-‘s Eligible Batchelor

Out of DC Siddachs Joy To The World:

  • CH Siddachs Rhythm and Blues
  • DC Siddachs Rachmaninoff von Stardox

Out of CH Edachs Victory of L And C:

  • CH Edachs Bit O’Honey v Nachthaus — Specialty BV

Out of CH Darling Delilah of Rockdox:

  • Jurisrockdox Dasher L

Out of Cotswold’s Marston Maisey:

  • CH Cotswold’s Shipton Jaeger
  • CH Cotswold’s Whitney v Dachslee
  • CH Cotswold’s Aston Magna
  • CH Cotswold’s Colm Roger

Out of Sirius’s Carbon Copy of Sirius

  • CH Barkndox Nicholas V Sirius L

Out of CH Bermarg Song of the South L:

  • Longluv Bermarg’s AKA Jake L

Out of Sleepy Hollow Elegante L:

  • CH Sleepy Hollow’s Night Train L

Out of CH Changes Dawn’s Best Chance:

  • CH Lonetree Bill Yer In My Seat
  • FC Lonetree Justice Is A Lady
  • CH Lonetree Arrogant Arthur

Out of Birkdell’s Teva Girl:

  • CH Birkdell’s Belle v Bosque L