MBIS MBISS CH Boondox Sting v Kanawha L ROMO


Old Dominion KC/Met Washington DC Specialty | Judge D. Roy Holloway | Handler Bobby Fowler


Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Boondox Panama Jack ROMO
Dam: CH Bayard la Manon
Whelped: May 20, 1986
Died: 1998
Breeders: Dan Harrison and Frances Colonna
Owners: Walter & Mary Jones and Dan Harrison


Sting was like nothing I had seen before, so gangly and raw-boned that I didn’t know for sure what to do with him. When he hit fifteen months, I finally decided to enter him at a couple of Specialties where he went Best In Sweeps and won majors at both of them!!  He then went on to finish in five shows with four WD/BW and one RWD at a Specialty, finishing (pictured above)  by winning BV from the classes, going on to a group placement. Bobby had seen him at Berks in the Fall and asked to have him. I certainly was not going to turn down Fat Man!!

He was a multiple BIS winner as well as winning many Specialties, with Bobby showing him. Another thrill was when he came back in 1993, at his only DCA appearance, to win Best Veteran (shown by me) and AOM( (shown by Eric Henningsen).

He was a big stallion of a dog and didn’t disappoint as a producer, especially when bred to the typey, lower-stationed bitches we had so many of at the time. He stamped that ‘Specials’ look on so many of his sons—that sweep of neck, the big forechest and sheer presence still live on in his descendants today. He was an eighth-generation ROM and his sons and daughters took that ninth generation on to great heights as well.
-Dan Harrison, December 2011

Out of CH Walmar’s Quiet Mistress:

  • CH Walmar’s Jazz Man − multiple Specialty BB and Group winner, DCA WD
  • CH Walmar’s Jasmine − Host Show WB

Out of CH Boondox Bermarg Treasure L ROMX:

  • CH Boondox Forrest Gump L ROMX − BIS winner, multiple Group and Specialty BB winner
  • CH Boondox Filigree L − Specialty WB
  • CH Boondox Fortunate Son L − multiple Specialty and Group winner
  • CH Boondox Polo L − multiple Specialty BB winner, Host Show WD (twice) DCA RWD (twice) , DCA Best BBE , Group placer
  • CH Boondox Paulette L − DCA Best BBE , Group placer

Out of Arimich’s Kachina v Moondachs ROMO:

  • CH Prescott von Arimich L– Specialty WD
  • CH Kibbie von Arimich L
  • CH Quincy von Arimic L–Group winner

Out of Bayard L’Hyacinthe ROMX:

Out of CH Boondox After Dark ROM:

  • CH Charton’s Dreamaker L
  • CH Charton’s Midsummer Nite Dream
  • CH Charton’s Sweet Dreams L

Out of CH Boondox Bradauch Eclair L ROM:

  • DC Boondox Mr Brock of Hounslow
  • CH Boondox Red Zinger of Canebrake L
  • CH Boondox Meringue L
  • CH Boondox Madonna L

Out of Rose Farms Heidi v Boondox:

  • CH Rose Farms Crystal L
  • CH Rose Farms The Sting SL

Out of Walmar’s Gigi v Boondox:

  • CH Ral-Jo’s Amanda v Boondox L − Group and Specialty winner
  • CH Ral-Jo’s Midnight Special L

Out of Walmar’s Boondox Quik Tan L:

Out of CH Pramada’s Regal Red Geranium L:

  • CH Redlin’s Lone Ranger − Specialty BB winner

Out of Geri-Hil’s Sassy Sarah Vaughn:

  • CH Geri-Hil’s Blackjack
  • CH Geri-Hil’s Royal Flush