MBIS MBISS CH Gerolf Das Zwerglein L ROMO


DCA July 1985 Best Stud Dog Judge: Dee Hutchinson Handler: Hannelore Heller










Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Julian V Aschlandplatz
Dam: CH Crystal Das Zwerglein L
Whelped: January 30, 1978
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Mrs. Bertha Kiechle
Owners: Mrs. George Pugh, during his show career; then Hannelore Heller


Gerolf was the culmination of Hannelore’s incredible run of Specials: Flare, Java, Bo Jangles and Ulyssis. He managed to get the strong points of each and combine them in one extremely typey package. His beautiful head and expression were enhanced by the sweep of neck and correct forechest. Moderate and beautiful in all respects, Gerolf passed on his positives. His daughters, especially, were valuable passing on his qualities.
-Dan Harrison, December 2011 

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