CH Han-Jo’s Flaming Flare L ROMO


WD DALI June 1966. Judge Carol Johnson Haight, Handler Hannelore Heller

Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Robert De Bayard ROMO
Dam: CH Bayard Rosemonde ROMX  – pending
Whelped: October 27, 1965
Died: Date unknown
Breeders: Joseph and Hannelore Heller
Owners: Joseph and Hannelore Heller


“This young man of 8 months won the BBE class on his happy combination of soundness and elegance.  He has a beautiful head and neck, yet is completely masculine in appearance.  He moves and stands correctly and was one of the few dogs who did not disappoint me from the moment he entered the ring until the ribbons were handed out.”
Judge Carol Johnson Haight (DALI 1966), in The American Dachshund, August 1966

Out of CH Selkert’s Maid Of Geneseo:

  • CH Selkirt’s Britta
  • CH Selkirt’s Baron

Out of CH Dorndorf’s Andrea L ROMXpending:

  • CH Dorndorf’s Batzi Flare L
  • CH Dorndorf’s Bengal Long

Out of CH Han-Jo’s Urana L:

  • CH Han-Jo’s Victor L — Multiple BIS winner

Out of CH Han-Jo’s Zsa Zsa L ROMO:

Out of CH Dabb’s Arabella L:

  • CH Ballardachs Applause

Out of  CH Bittersweet Odette:

  • CH Wiljohn’s Bittersweet Bard

Out of CH Dachs Ridge Midnight Blues ROMX  – pending:

  • CH Von Dyck’s Hey Jude L
  • CH Von Dyck’s Tiger Rag L
  • CH Von Dyck’s Midnight Sun L
  • CH Von Dyck’s Mr. Bojangles L ROMX — Quaker Oats winner, MBIS, DCA BV, multiples Group and Specialty winner
  • CH CH Von Dyck’s Flaming Mist L

Out of Tianderah’s Auntie Griselda ROM –  pending:

  • CH Kemper Dachs Waldemar — BIS, Multiple Group and Specialty winner
  • CH Kemper Dachs Dulcibella
  • CH Kemper Dachs Volkmar
  • CH Kemper Dachs Bjorn  CD ROM –  pending— Group winner, DCA BB winner, multiple Specialty BB winner
  • CH Kemper Dachs Rote Hexe

Out of Bayard la Melanie ROMXpending:

  • CH Bayard la Caravelle — Specialty BV winner, DCA  BOS-V

Out of CH Bayard Jeannine:

  • CH Han-Jo’s Hey Day L — DCA WD

Out of  CH Little Run’s Adelaide L:

  • CH Skorpios Shorri L

Out of CH Robdachs Party Princess:

  • CH Partyline Robin Hood

Out of CH Veshunds Jambalaya L:

  • CH Dutchman’s Aego AV Flare L

Out of Han-Jo’s Yum Yum L ROMO:

  • CH Han-Jo’s Nadia L
  • CH Han-Jo’s Contessa L
  • CH Han-Jo’s Cottonpicker L — multiple Canadian BIS winner
  • CH Han-Jo’s Cinderella CDX
  • CH Han-Jo’s Capricorn L
  • CH Han-Jo’s Constant Comment
  • CH Han-Jo’s Candyman L ROMX — DCA BB winner, multiple Specialty and Group winner
  • CH Han-Jo’s Cassius L
  • CH Han-Jo’s Naughty But Nice L
  • CH Han-Jo’s No No Nanette L

Out of CH Delldachs Sunbeam L:

  • CH PJ’s Heavenly Sunbeam SL

Out of CH Robdachs Gypsy Rose ROM:

  • CH Tarashunds Affetto L
  • CH Robdachs Melodrama
  • CH Tarashunds Amante L
  • CH Tarashunds Alessandro L

Out of Han-Jo’s Kristine L:

  • CH Han-Jo’s Flaming Meteorite L

Out of Jandelo’s Patrician Knepper ROM:

  • CH Jandelo’s Harvest Moon
  • CH Jandelo’s Wizard
  • CH Jandelo’s The Great Pumpkin
  • CH Jandelo’s Red Witch
  • CH Jandelo’s Trick Or Treat

Out of CH Teckelterre’s Indian Summer L ROMX:

  • CH Teckelterre’s All Knight Long
  • CH Teckelterre Long Dark Knight
  • CH Teckelterre’s Last Long Knight
  • CH Teckelterre’s Rapunzel’s Kiss

Out of Bayard L’Amante:

  • CH Bayard la Flammerole

Out of  CH Robinwood’s Catalina:

  • CH Wag Along’s Copper Flare

Out of CH Camp Guthrie’s Rags To Riches ROMX:

Out of CH Camdach’s Bit Of Honey:

  • CH Camdachs Flaming Drambuie
  • CH Camdachs Perpetual Motion
  • CH Camdachs Huckle My Butt

Out of CH Kapard’s Cindy:

  • CH Delta’s Autumn Flare
  • CH Delta’s Autumn Flare II
  • CH Delta Happy Jack

Out of Cherene’s Grizelda L:

  • CH Cherene’s Cinnamon Flare L

Out of CH Cherene’s Sweet Liberty L:

  • CH Cherene’s Rockin’ Robin L
  • CH Cherene’s Han-Jo’s Amber Iris

Out of Han-Jo’s Lolli Lin L:

  • CH Poppy of Lin’s Belden  L

Out of Roxane De Bayard:

  • CH Han-Jo’s Hello Dolly L

Out of Marboleer’s Magnolia:

  • CH Marboleer’s Uncle Dudley