MBISS CH Han-Jo’s ‘Xtra Copy L ROMO

CH Han-Jo's 'Xtra Copy L-DCA 1986, Judge Paul Tolliver, Handler Lorene Hogan

CH Han-Jo’s ‘Xtra Copy L-DCA 1986, Judge Paul Tolliver, Handler Lorene Hogan








Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Von Dyck’s Mr. Bojangles L ROMX
Dam: CH Lady Rosalyn Of Sirius ROMX
Whelped: June 8, 1981
Died:  Date unknown
Breeders: Hannelore and Joe Heller
Owner: Kenneth Andrews


Out of CH Rose Farm’s Hannelore Boondox ROMX

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  • DC Boondox Ferguson V Strauss CD
  • CH Boondox Victrix L

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  • CH Go-Win’s Fab Teddy Z − Multiple Group and Specialty winner
  • CH Taliesin Pretty Boy Floyd L

Out of CH Whistlestop’s Penny Candypending:

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  • CH Manorville’s Syndikate Copy
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  • CH Dachslee’s Company Commander

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  • CH Moon Rocket Of Sirius

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Out of  CH Birkdells Jorgi Girl L:

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Out of Cherene’s Good Grief ROM – pending:

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  • CH Bobi’s Carbon Copy L

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  • CH Dachsair’s Lebkuchen

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Out of Mar-Krest Hidden Treasure L:

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