CH Solong Squire V Bristleknoll ROMO


CH Solong Squire v Bristleknoll









Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Solong Shane O ‘ Bristleknoll L
Dam: Ballardachs Angel Unaware
Whelped: December 6, 1981
Died: 1997
Breeders: Kathy Meyer and Lucille Moden
Owner: Sidney Stafford



Out of CH Boondox Pandemonium ROMX:

  • CH Siddachs Esmeralad
  • CH Siddachs The Eagle
  • CH Siddachs Freedom
  • CH Siddachs Caruso
  • CH Siddachs Chopin

Out of CH Laddland Cameo ROMX:

  • CH Laddland Audacious CD

Out of CH Rose Frams Jerry V Boondox:

  • CH Amtekel’s The Great Gatsby

Out of CH Ral-Jo’s My Gal Sal:

  • CH Sophia Of Ral-Jo SL

Out of Stonybrook’s Paulinapending:

  • CH Stonybrook Prince Wendell
  • CH Stonybrook Polaris Dudley
  • CH Stonybrook’s Princess Eve
  • CH Stonybrook’s Paloma pending

Out of Rose Farm Kristel Gazer:

  • CH Amtekel’s Royal Dansk

Out of CH Maxsohn’s Venus:

  • CH Von Trinkle’s Baron Eric
  • CH Von Trinkle’s Squire’s Echo

Out of Del Buono’s Christmas Carol:

  • CH Del Buono’s Tara
  • CH Del Buono’s Miss Scarlet

Out of CH Del Buono’s Electra:

  • CH Del Buono’s Marquis

Out of CH Bayard La Lucilepending:

  • CH Siddachs Aria
  • CH Albelarm Allegra
  • CH Siddachs Belcanta
  • CH Albelarm Baritone

Out of CH Stonybrook Philos Magdalene:

  • CH Siddachs Sans Souci
  • CH Siddachs Sans Doute Jakobs

Out of Ballardachs Titian Solong:

  • CH Ballardachs Secret V B’Knoll
  • CH Ballardachs Kristin V B’Knoll

Out of CH Briardach’s Red Baroness:

  • CH Briardachs Doughty Duncan
  • CH Briardachs Lady Dee Lila
  • CH Briardach’s Samson Knight

Out of CH Rose Farm’s Crystal:

  • CH Rose Farm’s Knight Squire SL

Out of Rose Farm’s Moonlight Sonata –  pending:

  • CH Siddachs Hymn
  • CH Siddachs Fancuilla
  • CH Siddachs Fidelio
  • CH Siddachs Fiore
  • CH Siddachs Hallelujah
  • CH Siddachs Harmony

Out of Moorehope’s Francine:

  • CH Moorehope Sylvia
  • CH Moorehope Sylvester
  • CH Moorehope Stanley