CH Windsong Caution To The Wind ROMO SE


Red Standard Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Manorville’s Repeat Copy L ROMX
Dam: CH Millhaus Heavenly Copy ROMX
Whelped: April 17, 1992
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Lorene Hogan
Owner: Lorene Hogan



Out of  CH Sunspun Scandal Sheet ROMO:

  • CH Sunspun Comic Strip
  • CH Lion’s Fire Braveheart
  • CH Sunspun Sultan Of Swat At Leoralees
  • CH Sunspun Whisper Of A Scandal
  • CH Sunspun Quickening
  • CH Sunspun Scandal In The Wind
  • CH Sunspun Easy To Love
  • CH Sunspun Flojo
  • CH Sunspun Carissima
  • CH Sunspun Face Of An Angel ROMX
  • CH Sunspun Spice Girl
  • CH Sunspun Dakar
  • CH Sunspun Sublime
  • CH Sunspun Super G
  • CH Sunspun Say Hey Kid
  • CH Sunspun Stretch Limo
  • CH Sunspun Sack Master

Out of CH Mitzdach’s Summer O’Creekside:

  • CH Seidach’s Summer End

Out of CH Boondox Umbra Au Liebe L JE ROMO:

Out of  CH Twelfth Night Star Sapphire L ROMO:

  • CH Twelfth Night Gone W’ Th’ Wind
  • CH CH Twelfth Night Gentle Wind
  • CH Twelfth Night Reap Wild Wind
  • CH Twelfth Night Inherit Th’Wind
  • CH Twelfth Night Call The Wind
  • CH Twelfth Night Wild West Wind ROM

Out of CH Twelfth Night Glory Be L ROMO:

  • CH Twelfth Night Be All U Can Be L
  • CH Twelfth Night Be A Dickens
  • CH Twelfth Night Be My Darlin’
  • CH Twelfth Night Luck Be A Lady L
  • CH Twelfth Night Be Dazzled
  • CH Twelfth Night Be My Fair Lady
  • CH Twelfth Night Be My Sugar

Out of CH Willowcroft Teckelwood Flaire SL:

  • CH Willowcroft He’s A Riot SL
  • CH Willowcroft Dark Angel
  • CH Willowcroft Reuben SL
  • CH Wilowcroft Toreador SL
  • CH Willowcroft Rhapsody SL

Out of CH Raisin’L Keepsake – pending:

  • CH Raisin’L Brykaar Nightingale
  • CH Raisin’L Nor’easter
  • CH Raisin’L Brykaar Obsession
  • CH Raisin’L Brykaar Ode To Joy
  • CH Raisin’L Brykaar Opportunist
  • Am/Int’l CH Raisin’L Brykaar O’Ali’I Ak Inu ROM

Out of CH Walmar’s Gumdrop:

  • CH Birkdells Capricious Regis
  • CH Birkdells Oprah L
  • CH Birkdells Cimaron Canyon Echo

Out of  CH Roserun’s Anticipation:

  • CH Tres Rios Harvestmoon Tombar

Out of CH Barjon’s Dutchess Of York :

  • CH Metronome’s Once Upon A Dream
  • CH Metronome For Obvious Reason
  • CH Mnom Keeper O My Heart Hvnsnt SL
  • CH Metronome Noah Heavensent L
  • CH Metronome Nellie Forebush
  • CH Metronome Native Drummer
  • CH Metronome Stonebrook Nathan
  • CH Metronome Next Generation L

Out of CH Metronome ‘s Lorelei L:

  • CH Metronome’s R U The Missis
  • CH Metronome Railsplitter
  • CH Metronome Rain Dancer
  • CH Metronome Run W’The Big Dogs

Out of Hi-Li Cheyenne Dewolff SL:

  • CH Sierra’s Chanzi-it To The Wind

Out of Han-Jo’s Arianna Of Keltia L:

  • CH Keltia’s Clever Laddie

Out od CH Darling Delilah of Rockdox L:

  • CH Jurisrockdox Totem L