CH Charlamar’s Noah W ROMO


Reserve DCA Host Show May 1967—Judge: Rose Heying—Handler: Lorraine Heichel

Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Charlamar’s Toby W
Dam: Faulkner’s Lori of Englelong W ROMX
Whelped: January 30, 1965
Died: Date unknown
Breeders: John and Charlotte Lee
Owners: John and Charlotte Lee


Out of CH Westphal’s Shamrock W:

Out of CH Bevlees Resume:

  • CH Bevlees Etoain Shrolu
  • CH Bevlees Pied Type
  • CH Bevlees Sob Sister

Out of CH Westphal’s Florin:

  • CH Charlamar’s Eve W
  • CH Charlamar’s Elijah W
  • CH Charlamar’s Ezekiel W

Out of CH Rose Farm’s Moon Rockette ROM:

  • CH Rose Farm’s Moonbow W
  • CH Rose Farms Explora
  • CH Rose Farm’s Rock Star W
  • CH Rose Farms Moon Bound W
  • CH Rose Farm’s Missilette W
  • CH Rose Farms Satellite W
  • CH Rose Farms Moonshine
  • CH Rose Farm’s Moonshadow W

Out of Groville Sadie:

  • CH Birchwood Burmeister
  • CH Birchwood Bramble
  • CH Pataki Gizella of Birchwood W
  • CH Birchwood Cactus Pete
  • CH Birchwood Thistle
  • CH Birchwood Black Magic II

Out of CH Charlamar’s Sundae W:

  • CH Charlamar’s Norah W
  • CH Tharp’s Boom-Boom W
  • CH Charlamar’s Superstar
  • CH Charlamar’s Kinglet W

Out of CH Charlamar’s Goblina W:

  • CH Charlamar’s Toro W
  • CH Charlamar’s Nino De Perrocima

Out of CH Charlamar’s Samantha W:

  • CH Parthenon’s Artemis W
  • CH Parthenon’s Ares W

Out of Charlamar’s Bonnie W:

  • CH Dwain’s Clyde W

Out of Charlamar’s Rebecca W:

  • CH Charlamar’s Gretchen W

Out of Venus of Vancot:

  • CH J-Lynne’s Lonsum Too of Vancot

Out of CH Birchwood Bittersweet W:

  • CH Birchwood Edelweiss W

Out of  Torals Bitter Sweet W:

  • CH Bacardi Von Dachshundburg

Out of CH Kawire’s Naughty But Nice:

  • CH Kawire’s Pandora
  • CH Kawire’s Knolland Nono

Out of CH Timbar’s Sabra of Littlewood:

  • CH Charlamar’s Penelope W
  • CH Charlamar’s Charley W
  • CH Charlamar’s Katie W

Out of CH Pondwicks Christmas Star:

  • CH Stancliff’s Roadrunner

Out of CH Threesteps Wistful W:

  • CH Trigger Happy W
  • CH Otamred’s Gustav W

Out of CH Peppermint Wire of Hawthorne CD:

  • CH Wildfire High Noon W

Out of Loktu’s Springlefutt:

  • CH Rickjon’s Thats A No-No

Out of CH DeSangpur Cornucopia:

  • CH Roebucks Fund W
  • CH Westphal’s Farwell W
  • CH Westphal’s Finale W

Out of CH Lawndale’s Autumn Haze W:

  • CH Noah W of Heying-Teckel
  • CH Festus W of Heying-Teckel
  • CH Laurie W of Heying-Teckel

Out of CH DeSangpur Fancy Free II:

  • CH Westphal’s Free Wheeling

Out of Englelong Tobianna:

  • CH Englelong’s Chastity W

Out of Tumlow Breakers Duster:

  • CH Remandeds Benison W