CH Chris Harbor’s Patriot MW ROMO

CH Chris Harbor's Patriot MW

CH Chris Harbor’s Patriot MW






Red Miniature Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH EJ’S Top Gun MW ROMO
Dam: CH Chris Harbors Starlet-MW ROMO
Whelped: September 13, 1990
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Betty J. Christian
Owner: Betty J. Christian


Out of CH Greenbrier Wheaties v Ez Go MW:

  • CH EZ Goins Grouchobarx’ Dhorobi MW

Out of CH Greenbriers v Kandy MW:

  • CH Onahills Shehandoah of Alano
  • CH Onahill’s Life Long Friend MW

Out of CH Meramec’s Tara MW:

  • CH Meramec’s Seminole Wind MW
  • CH Meramec’s Wanderer MW
  • CH Meramec’s Wanderer MW
  • CH Meramecs Mustang Sally MW

Out of Cindy Ke’s Jewel of the Nile MW:

  • CH EZ Goins Oscar Wire MW
  • CH EZ Goins Twister MW

Out of CH EZ Goins Reba McEnwire MW ROM:

  • CH EZ Goins Redheaded Stranger MW
  • CH EZ Goins Wirenonna Judd MW
  • CH EZ Goins Tammy Wirenett MW
  • CH EZ Goins WB Gates MW

Out of CH Dakalhunds v Honey Doo-MW:

  • CH Ceedox Razmataz v Ez Goin MW
  • Am/Can CH Ceedox Lil Rocketeer MW
  • Am/Can CH Ceedox Cinnamon Charmer MW

Out of CH Chris Harbor’s Debutante-MW:

  • CH Chris Harbor’s Danny Boy MW

Out of CH Greenbrier Wholly Tara MW:

  • CH H’rt H’ls Gideon V G’rnbrier MW

Out of CH Chris Harbors Sydney Ruby MW:

  • CH Chris Harbor’s Jasper MW

Out of CH Verdons Picture This MW:

  • CH Verdons Johnny Be Good MW
  • CH Verdon’s Peggy Sue MW
  • CH Verdons Ramblin Rose MW

Out of Chris Harbor’s Clara Mallory:

  • CH Chris Harbor’s Annastasia MW

Out of  CH Chris Harbor’s Lulubelle MW:

  • CH Chris Harbor’s Suthan Bell MW

Out of CH La Traviesa By George MW:

  • CH Verdons Bingo By George MW

Out of CH Malteckel Legacy MW:

  • CH Taliesin Quick Draw McGraw MW

Out of Sailadachs Aweigh O Jenny MW:

  • CH LK’s Baron von Rockerville

Out of Primo Patchwork Lady MW:

  • CH Dakalhund Dash N Dottie MW

Out of CH Joyal Morning Star MW:

  • CH Taliesin Dancin River