Am/Can CH EJ’s Top Gun MW ROMO

CH EJ's Top Gun MW

CH EJ’s Top Gun MW







Red Miniature Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH EJ’S Sheer Determination MW
Dam: Am/Can CH Pawprints EJ’s CB MS
Whelped: October 16, 1988
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Emma Jean Stephenson
Owner: Emma Jean Stephenson


Out of Am/Can CH Pawprints EJ’s CB MS:

  • CH EJ’s Vanna Wire MW

Out of CH Deanza’s Reba Mac MW:

  • CH Pegden’s Pistol Pete MW
  • CH Pegden’s Cottonside Joe MW

Out of CH Greenbrier Wheaties v Ez Go MW:

  • CH EZ Goins Clyde Barrow MW
  • CH EZ Goins Speeding Bullet MW
  • CH EZ Goin Precious
  • CH Ez Goins Celebration Station MW

Out of CH Chris Harbors Starlet MW ROMO:

Out of EJ’s Amazing Gracie MW:

  • CH EJ’s Peter Gunn MW
  • CH EJ’s Dragonsdawn v Diagram MW
  • CH EJ’s Amiga De Lucee MW
  • CH EJ’s Son of a Gunner MW
  • CH EJ’s Mary Puppins MW
  • CH EJ’s Amazing G-Force MS

Out of CH Greenbriers v Kandy MW:

  • CH Onahill’s Engaging Intruder
  • CH Onahill Heirlair Dustbuster
  • CH Onahill’s Gun’Em Down MW
  • CH Onahills v Awesome Victory MW
  • CH Onahills v Awesome Victoria
  • CH Onahill’s Smokin Gun O Sensei
  • CH Onahill’s Shoot For The Top MW

Out of Cindy Ke’s Elwira MW:

  • CH EJ’s Cindy Ke’s Bulletproof MS
  • CH Cindy Ke’s Kick A Little V EJ’s MW

Out of Cindy Ke’s Jewel of the Nile MW:

  • CH EZ Goins Star Lite Star Brite
  • CH EZ Goins Dream Team MW

Out of Entourage Sweet-N-Low MW:

  • CH Entourage Top Gun Amelia Airhound MW
  • DC Entourage Top Gun Maverick MW

Out of CH Primo Tatum O’Neil MW:

  • CH Primo Stephanie O’Neil MW
  • CH Primo Stephani O’Neil MW

Out of Dominos Dot To Dot:

Out of EJ’s Torch Ginger MS:

  • CH EJ’s Smith and Wesson MS

Out of CH Val-Jean’s Whistlin’ Trixie MW:

  • CH Amli’s Remington MW
  • CH Amli’s Winchester At EJ’s MW

Out of CH Gully Farms Englelong Bug MW ROMX:

  • CH Alamar’s Cher With Me MW
  • CH Englelong Shoot’n Star MW
  • CH Alamar’s Gunnerson MW

Out of Katandra’s Dr Crusher MW:

  • CH Katandra’s Cpl. O’Reilly MW
  • CH Katandra’s Jasmin MW

Out of CH Dachsheider’s No Nonsense MW:

  • CH Wee Walker’s Pistol Pete MW

Out of CH Rose Farms Nancy V Boondox ROMX:

Out of CH Deanza’s Lucky Li’l Lindy MW:

  • CH Deanza’s Herr Schmidty Weson
  • CH Deanza’s Ringo Starr MW

Out of EJ’s Maya Honey MS:

  • CH EJ’s Class Act MW

Out of Dachsheider’s Mini-Mover MW:

  • CH Gunnstock’s ShowGunn MW
  • CH Gunnstock Hav Gun Will Travel

Out of EJ’s Ribbons An Lace At BJ’s MW:

  • CH EJ’s Leathal Weapon MW

Out of CH Diagram Menolly Of Pern MW:

  • CH Diagram Dragonfly MW

Out of CH CrisCross’ Prima Girl MS ROM:

  • CH CopperCreeks Bearded Lady MW
  • CH CopperCreek’s Emma MS
  • CH CopperCreeks Natali MW
  • CH CopperCreeks Passion Fruit MS
  • CH CopperCreek’s Gun Runner MW

Out of CH EJ’s Spin Of The Wheel MS:

  • CH EJ’s Luci Of Scoshire MW
  • CH EJ Railway American Dream

Out of Pawprints Pretty Memories :

  • CH EJ’s Rad Muffin MW

Out of CH Cornus Railway Voyager MW ROMX:

  • CH Railway Tiara of Shawn-Rae
  • CH Railways National Acclaim
  • CH Railway Cornus Tradition MW
  • CH Railway Sylvan Tallulah
  • CH Railway Traveler MW
  • CH EJ’s Railways Susan Lucci MW

Out of CH Criscross’ Pistola Girl MS:

  • CH EJ’s Pistol Pete of Neudorf
  • CH EJ’s Staff Sargent
  • CH EJ’s Staff Sergeant
  • CH EJ’s P’tite Pistol at Prelude MW

Out of EJ’s Dolly Mae:

  • CH EJ’s Riderdox Applejacks
  • CH EJ’s Ciderdox MW
  • CH EJ’s Sawed-Off Shotgun MW
  • CH EJ’s Side Saddle Susae MW
  • CH Ciderdox Crabapples of EJ MW

Out of CH EJ’s Myrrh of Criscross MW:

  • CH Criscross’ Hub Bub MW
  • CH Criscross’ Rossa Girl M

Out of CH Cornus Ulrike MW:

  • CH Railways Whitney Wire

Out of CH Libera Manors Parson’s Baby MW:

  • CH Nichole’s Chip OLibera Manors
  • CH Nicole’s Chip O’Libera Manors

Out of Primo Valley Girl At EJ’s MW:

  • CH Primo EJ Western Gun MW
  • CH EJ’s Buckshot MW

Out of CH Weldachs Haley Tuf Enuf MW:

  • CH Weldachs Top O’Tuf Tucker MW

Out of CH Wilhelmina’s Roni Maroni MW:

  • CH Wildflower Guns-N-Roses MS
  • CH Wildflower Queenanne Lace MW
  • CH Wilhelmina’s Blooming Rose MW

Out of FC Scoshire Whiteoak Badd Girl:

  • DC Scoshire Hot Shot MW
  • DC Scoshire Hot Ticket MW

Out of CH EZ Goins Tammy Wirenett MW:

  • CH EZ Goins Barbwire Mandrell MW

Out of EJ’s Princess of Coamex MS:

  •  CH EJ’s Coamex Cannon MW

Out of Chris Harbor’s Dyna MW:

  • CH EJ’s Chris Harbor’s Dynamite

Out of Criscross’ Scarlette At EJ’s:

  • CH EJ’s Armed’N’Dangerous MW
  • CH EJ’s Shooter MW
  • CH EJ’s Hallmark

Out of Sandeckel’s Cynthiana MW:

  • CH Sandeckel’s Miramar
  • CH Sandeckel’s Cruisecontrol MW

Out of EJ’s Mariah Wee Walker MW:

  • CH EJ’s Rosy Red Rose MW
  • CH EJ’s Howitzer MW
  • CH EJ’s Cannon Reunion MW

Out of CH Cornus Diff’s Posie:

  • CH Diff’s Live Wire Redford

Out of CH Diff’s Cornus Cloe of Harmar:

  •  CH Harmar’s Sassy-Frass MW

Out of Luhnau Kleiner Short N Sweet:

  • CH Heidachs Irish Rose MW

Out of CH Hannah’s Kiss Me Kate MW:

  • CH EJ’s Son of a Gun V Hannahs MW

Out of EJ’s Annie’s Girl M:

  • CH EJ’s Homar Pants On Fire MW
  • CH EJ’s Gunpoint MW
  • CH EJ’s Suzi Q of Del-Mar MW

Out of Backroads Cornus Blossom MW:

  • CH Backroads Odessa MW
  • CH EJ’s Backroads Locomotion MW
  • CH Backroads EJ’s of Criscross M

Out of EJ’s Italian Melody v Trillium MW:

  • CH EJ’s Ballistic Jelly Bean MW

Out of CH Saradach’s Snickerdoodle MW:

  •  CH Saradach Vin Crimson Rose MW

Out of CH Malteckel Regina:

  • CH Malteckel Legacy MW
  • CH Malteckel Dustbuster MW

Out of White Oak’s Return To Fame MW:

  • CH White Oak’s Panni MW

Out of Midernochs Chloe MW:

  • CH EJ’s Annie Get Your Gun MW

Out of CH Charity v Rennekamp MW:

  • CH Pairadox Angel of Hope MW
  • CH Pairadox Corinthian MW
  • CH Pairadox Angel of Faith MW

Out of CH Dori George v Froeschl MS:

  • CH Deegeeteegee v Froeschl MW

Out of CH Rellih’s Just My Style MW:

  • CH Ol’South’s Jerrell Dean MW