CH Jon Wire Of Coja ROMO

CH Jon Wire of Coja

CH Jon Wire of Coja







Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Hiflite’s Mike of Teckel-Pal W
Dam: CH Jinx Wire of Coja
Whelped: April 5, 1974
Died: Date Unknown
Breeder: Julia Collins
Owner: Micky and Jimmie Helms


Out of CH C. B.’s Cracklin Rose W:

  • CH Barb-Wire Ann Coja-Kelmic
  • CH Barb-Wire Barbie’s Doll
  • CH Bush’s Barb-Wire-N-Clyde STW
  • CH Barb-Wire Spark Plug
  • CH Barb-Wire Fuzzbuster

Out of CH Barb-Wire Ann Coja-Kelmic:

  • CH Kelmic’s Jon Wesley Of Coja

Out of Texado Rosie’s Gypsy Lee W:

  • CH Kelmic’s Devil’s Delight
  • CH Kelmic’s Lily Langtree
  • CH Kelmic’s Pecos Bill
  • CH Kelmic’s West Otha Pecos

Out of Kelmic’s Bit O Honey:

  • CH. Kelmics Karmel Kandy
  • CH Kelmic’s Peanut Brutal W

Out of K-Hart’s Devil’s Blondie:

  • CH Lu-Duch’s Bridgette W v Coja

Out of Busy Lizzy W Von Hess Haus:

  • CH Coja Jeremy Wire

Out of CH Remandeds Hennessie:

  • CH Teckel Tex Amazing Wire CD

Out of CH Sky-Hi Mac’s Molly Wire:

  • CH Reindach Maude Wire
  • CH Reindach’s Coja Poppy W
  • CH Reindach Jon Girl W
  • CH Reindach Sun Wire

Out of CH Shalimar Teckel Tex Carousel:

  • CH Teckel Tex Go For The Gold W
  • CH Teckel Tex Miss Precocious W

Out of CH Coja Domie Wire:

  • CH Kelmic Jon Henry V Coja W

Out of CH Kelmic’s Bessie Smith:

  • CH Kelmic’s Jon Clay v Rohar

Out of Kelmic’s Darlin Clementine:

  • CH Kelmic’s Jonson v Coja

Out of CH Red Locket Tequila Sunrise:

  • CH Perrocima’s Vino Calafia

Out of Tynor’s Erda:

  • CH Tynor’s Hardasnails