CH Midernoch’s Sextus Wire ROMO

CH Midernoch's Sextus Wire, Judge Thelma Brown and Handler Diana MacPherson

CH Midernoch’s Sextus Wire, Judge Thelma Brown and Handler Diana MacPherson









Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Westphal’s Shillalah ROMO
Dam: CH Threesteps Tam O’Shanter
Whelped: February 22, 1974
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Patricia Ridgard
Owner: David and Diane Perry


Out of CH Solo’s Distinctively Dinahmite W:

  • CH Jhaijhao Solo Christmas Rose
  • CH Solo’s Christmas Cactus W
  • CH Solo’s Harbormaster W
  • CH Solo’s Honeywood W
  • CH Solo’s Huntin Honey W
  • CH Solo’s Journeyor W
  • CH Solo’s Christmas Knight W
  • CH Solo’s Maggie Regan

Out of CH Hollydachs-Betsy Ross W ROMO:

  • CH Bristleknoll Banana W
  • CH Bristleknoll Ballyhoo W
  • CH Bristleknoll Beardsly
  • CH Bristleknoll Big Hug W
  • CH Bristleknoll Brass Buttons W

Out of Kanawha None Such Annie W:

  • CH Fancy That Miss Priscilla W

Out of CH Solo’s Huntin Honey W:

  • CH Solo’s Night Song W

Out of CH Bevlees Starra De Showe:

  • CH Bone-A Parts Brunhilda
  • CH Bevlees Bambi Bone-A-Part
  • CH Bone-A-Parts Electra Wire
  • MBIS MBISS Am/Can CH Bone-A-Parts Live Wire
  • CH Bone-A-Parts Rusty Wire
  • CH Bone-A-Parts Wired For Sound
  • CH Bevlees Bone-A-Part Bonus
  • CH Bone-A-Parts Bessie Bristle
  • CH Bone-A-Parts Brunhilda

Out of Delldachs Dixie Cup W:

  • CH Lauterdachs’ Charon W
  • CH Lauterdachs’ Cathreana W

Out of Tharp’s Bonnie Boom W:

  • CH Bristleknoll Buttons’N Bows W
  • CH Bristleknoll Banner W

Out of Brentwald So-So Lovely W:

  • CH Brentwald Cap’N Sherlock W

Out of CH Grinzing’s Curly Whip W CDX:

  • CH Grinzig’s Top Spin W
  • CH Grinzing Top Spin W CDX TD

Out of CH None Such Lady Glencora:

  • CH Chopmist Gerti V H Norisburg
  • CH Chopmist Persefeni Lonestar
  • CH Chopmist Lady Buxton

Out of None Such Second Hand Rose W:

  • CH None Such Purnells Hannah

Out of CH Poor Soul’s October Dawn:

  • CH Tsop’s Gabriele Poor Soul W
  • CH Tsop’s Great Gatsby

Out of CH Jem’s Heller W:

  • CH Jem’s Shinko W
  • CH Jem’s Showgirl W
  • CH Jem’s Showgun W

Out of CH Harmo Bolero:

  • CH Harmo Merrymaker
  • CH Harmo Playboy