CH Pondwicks Hobgoblin ROMO


Judge: Ruth 'Babbie' Tongren Handler: Dorothy Hardy

Judge: Ruth ‘Babbie’ Tongren Handler: Dorothy Hardy

CH Pondwicks Hobgoblin

CH Pondwicks Hobgoblin

HA514376 (UK Import)
Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: Moat Hall Mark
Dam: Pondwicks Christina
Whelped: October 31, 1963
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Elisabeth Medley
Owner: Dee Hutchinson



Out of CH Holmdachs Tam O’ Shanter:

  • CH Holmdachs Bewitching Wire
  • CH Threesteps Rita W
  • CH Threesteps Wistful W
  • CH Threesteps Tam O’Shanter
  • CH Threesteps Liza W

Out of CH None Such Grand Illusion:

  • CH Solo Hansom Don W
  • CH Solo’s Distinctively Dinahmite W

Out of CH Falconeasy W of Heying-Teckel:

  • CH Hobby W of Heying-Teckel

Out of CH Westphal’s Sunshine Special:

  • CH Ruckengrat’s Trojan W
  • CH Ruckengrat’s Jeremiah W
  • CH Ruckengrat’s Special Image W

Out of CH Hibner’s Suzi Q Sky-Hi:

  • CH None Such Patchwork Quilt

Out of CH Rose Farm’s Rock Star W:

  • CH Addox’s Gamma Star SW

Out of CH Rose Farms Satellite W:

  • CH Rose Farm’s Ruffian W

Out of CH Birchwood Bittersweet W:

  • CH Birchwood Hop’N’Stretch
  • CH Birchwood Sugar ‘N Spice W
  • CH Birchwood Kohoutek W

Out of CH Peppermint Wire of Hawthorne CD:

  • CH Wildfire Calamity Jane W
  • CH Wildfire Buffalo Bill W

Out of CH Laurie W of Heying-Teckel:

  • CH Skorpios Klodo W
  • CH Skorpios Kalyla W

Out of CH Longdachs Capulet:

  • CH Longdachs Dulcenia
  • CH Longdachs Tybalt v Elway
  • CH Longdachs Aldonza
  • CH Longdachs Cameo V Elway
  • CH Longdachs Balthazar

Out of Von Roblo’s Lovin’ Spoonful:

  • CH Stadtwlad’s Dixie ire
  • CH Stadtwald’s Dinah Mite v Roblo
  • CH Stadtwald’s Jim Dandy Wire
  • CH Stadtwald’s Domino Wire
  • CH Stadtwald’s Dixie Wire

Out of CH Westphal’s Christmas Eve:

Out of Fir Trees Thrush:

  • CH Fir Trees Coconola W
  • CH Fir Trees Medzo W
  • CH FirTrees Bebe W
  • CH Fir Trees Heather W
  • CH Fir Trees Bebe W

Out of CH None Such Honey Bee:

  • CH None Such Honey Bun W

Out of CH None Such Bumble Bee:

  • CH Carnaby Gosamer
  • CH Carnaby Gremlin
  • CH Carnaby Hobgoblin
  • CH Carnaby Bilbo Bagins

Out of CH Anna of Loumac W:

  • CH Haywire’s Casey O’Connell
  • CH Haywire’s Riley O’Rourke
  • CH Haywire’s Rosie O’Grady

Out of CH Crowe’s Happy Minstrel:

  • CH Rodon’s Squirmin’ Herman
  • CH Rodon’s Holiday Holly
  • CH Rodon’s Black Manukka

Out of CH Mickes’ Tie Wire:

  • CH Groville Ruffian
  • CH Groville Buchshot v Tolz
  • CH Groville Herman v Hob-Tie

Out of CH Charlamar’s Lori W:

  • CH Charlamar’s Goblina W
  • CH Charlamar’s Jack-O-Lantern
  • CH Tharp’s Oliver W

Out of CH Delldachs Wanda The Witch W:

  • CH Delldachs Hansel Arco
  • CH Delldachs Irresistable W

Out of Hairy Carrie of Heying-Teckel:

  • CH Idlewire’s Black Spook
  • CH Idlewire’s Miss Mandy

Out of CH None Such Miss:

  • CH Briarpatch Pickwick Papers
  • CH Briarpatch of Rose Farm W

Out of Charlamar’s Orphan Annie W:

  • CH Charlamar’s Samantha W
  • CH Charlamar’s Simon W

Out of CH Och-K-Ma Roxanna Rockette:

  • CH Palaceguard’s Tiny Tim
  • CH Palaceguard’s Martha

Out of CH Vantebe’s Draht Taune:

  • CH Vantebe’s Draht Candy Girl
  • CH Vantebe’s Draht Choco Drop

Out of CH Tee-Gee-Vee Elldox:

  • CH Collins’ Der Juice W
  • CH Collins’ Cap’n Adventure W

Out of CH Seajay’s Briquette Wire:

  • CH Something Else v Hart Wire
  • CH Mariah v Hart Wire

Out of CH Yar Boeck Signal-Wire:

  • CH Yar-Boeck Hobo W
  • CH Yar-Boeck Lovely W

Out of DeSangpur Morning Star:

  • CH V Roblo’s Constellation

Out of CH Dixie-Dachs Anna W:

  • CH Holow’s Lovely Wire

Out of Penthouse Wendy Windphal:

  • CH Von Willemstadts Fritz Goblin
  • CH Goblins Heidi v Willemstadt

Out of CH Penthouse Gracious Living:

  • CH Penthouse Poltergeist

Out of Kelly of Collegeville:

  • CH R’Colas Blue Sapphire

Out of Gretchen’s Scooter:

  • CH Judy’s Bethel Bubblegum

Out of Wild Thyme of Solo:

  • CH Glorand’s Dowtin Thomas

Out of Wilcox’s Baerbel W:

  •  CH Goetz V Wilgrimstein W

Out of CH Scarlet Cedar’s Roxana:

  • CH Scarlet Cedar’s Sabbat W

Out of CH Torals Surry W:

  • CH Harmo Summa of Laurhel
  • CH Laurhel’s Creme De Cocoa