MBISS CH Saytar’s Little Bohannon ROMO


CH Saytar Lil Bohannon -Judge Bob Wlodkowski, Handler Bobby Fowler









Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Saytar’s Markus
Dam: CH Saytar’s Jarmella
Whelped: June 1, 1985
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Michael Reed
Owner: Mrs. Alan R. Robson


Out of CH Dazzle’s Nobody’s Fool W ROMX:

  • DC Dazzle’s Holiday Cheer W
  • CH Dazzle’s Joy To The World W

Out of CH Georgia Dachs Whitney:

  • CH Tara Dachs Sebastian W
  • CH Tara Dachs Solomon W
  • CH Georgia Dachs Sarabel W

Out of CH Fancy That Amalia SW:

  • CH Starbarrack Malachite SW
  • CH Starbarrack Star Sapphire ROMX
  • CH Starbarrack Ruby SW
  • CH Starbarrack Brown Jasper SW
  • CH Starbarrack Emerald SW
  • CH Starbarrack Lapis SW
  • CH Starbarrack Obsidian SW
  • Am/Eng CH Starbarrack Diamond

Out of CH Westphals Lush Life O’Brodny:

  • CH Brodny’s You Bet Your Life
  • CH Brodny’s Night Life
  • CH Brodny Usquaebach

Out of Skorpios Souci de Plaire W:

  • CH Skorpios Bow Tie W

Out of CH Cedarbend Nightwind Cricket:

  • CH Nightwinds Ghost Buster

Out of CH Cedarbend’s Virginia Dare W:

  • CH Bohannon’s Gustav V Cedarbend CD
  • CH Cedarbend’s Beau-Baron W

Out of CH Lauterdachs Erda W:

Out of CH Fancy That Ruth Louise SW:

  • CH Albelarm Creekside’s Chester
  • CH Albelarm Fancy That
  • CH Albelarm Fancy Free W

Out of CH Albelarm Lady In Red W:

  • CH Legibach Ruby slippers W
  • CH Legibach’s Such A Lady W
  • CH Albelarm Ladies’ Man W

Out of CH Saytar’s Jessica Hund:

  • CH Saytar’s Laren SW
  • CH Spring Brook’s Rouge

Out of CH Del Prado Josetta Bar None W:

  • CH Tombar Del Prado Barndance
  • CH Del Prado of Tombars Bitte

Out of CH Brodny’s Shirley Temple:

  • CH Brodny’s Littlest Rebel

Out of CH Sioux’s Hard Hearted Hannah ROMX:

  • CH Boothill Elsie From Chelsea W

Out of CH Herald Legibach Lucky Star W:

  • CH Herald By George Of Albelarm

Out of Albelarm Sweet Chance W:

  • CH Albelarm Herthwood Trouper

Out of CH Tallavast Melba Toast W:

  • CH Tallavast Toasty’s Sis W
  • CH Tallavast Toast Of The Town W

Out of Skorpios Amapola W:

  • CH Skorpios Minnetonka W

Out of CH Del Prado’s Bar Rette W:

  • CH One Stormy Night v Aus-Bar SW
  • CH September Morn v Aus-Bar SW
  • CH Sweet Adeline v Aus-Bar SW
  • CH Michelle Marvel v Aus-Bar SW

Out of Dumplings Michelle SW:

  • CH Dumplings Goodnight Gracie SW
  • CH Dumplings Cosmo Dear SW