BIS MBISS CH Sioux’s Hermann ROMO

CH Sioux's Hermann

CH Sioux’s Hermann








Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Windswept’s Steely Dan W
Dam: CH Sioux’s Chocolette
Whelped: April 4, 1985
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Sue McClelland
Owner: Sue McClelland

All breed best in show winner and multiple best in specialty show winner.  #1 wirehaired breed points three years in a row.


Out of CH Waldmeer’s Lottie Ms. Chief ROMX:

  • CH Waldmeer Mup Dollidachs SW
  • CH Waldmeer J Morgan Dollidachs
  • CH Waldmeer GoldGlove Dollidach
  • CH Waldmeer’s Pennant Dollidachs

Out of CH Devrin the Darkstar Keepsake W:

Out of CH Pop’N Dox Sun Country Cooler:

  • CH Sioux’s Hermannhof v Carousel
  • CH Sioux’s Abba-Zaba
  • CH Sioux’s Allegra

Out of CH Manorie Dach’s Magpie V Rodon W:

  • CH Rodon’s Red Neck

Out of Rodon’s April Surprise:

  • CH Rodon’s Hard To Be Humble
  • CH Rodon’s Lotsa Lilly

Out of CH Rodon’s All ‘Round Town W:

  • CH Rodon’s Fahrergnugen
  • CH Rodon’s Amazing Grace
  • CH Rodon’s Wooly Bully

Out of CH Sioux’s Abba-Zaba:

  • CH Sioux’s Reggie Bar
  • CH Sioux’s Slimfast

Out of Badgerbane Play Misty For Me:

  • CH Badgerbane Whirlwyn Herbie
  • FC Badgerbane’s Dire Straits − Absolute Winner
  • CH Badgerbane’s Penny Lane

Out of Threesteps Alise W:

Out of CH Herald Legibach Western Star:

  • CH Sioux’s Hot Tamale
  • CH Sioux’s Movie Star
  • CH Sioux’s Broadway Star
  • CH Sioux’s Hot Rod

Out of CH Sioux’s Demi Sec W Of Manorie:

  • CH Sioux’s Significant Brother

Out of CH Wirestar Moonlight and Roses:

  • CH Wirestars A Persuasive Sioux
  • CH Wirestar Barbados Bill W

Out of CH Threesteps Debra Ann W:

  • CH Rodon’s Michelob of Meerschaum
  • CH Kipfel von Meerschaum

Out of CH Skorpios Minnetonka W:

  • CH Skorpios Mazovia W
  • CH Skorpios Melisma W
  • CH Skorpios-Bbjo Y-RD For Sound

Out of CH Neudorf’s Absolut:

  • CH Neudorf’s Ronrico
  • CH Neudorf’s Tequilla

Out of Anja V D Waterkant:

  • CH Neudorf’s Wiggle My Wigwam
  • CH Neudorf’s Dakota Dan

Out of Chika v Salmanderstein:

  • CH Sioux’s Heidi v Chika

Out of CH Waldmeer Kaitlin v Sioux W:

  • CH Sioux’s Can’t Ignora
  • CH Sioux’s Looking For Trouble

Out of Deebardac’s Polly Doodle:

  • Am/Can CH Deebardac’s Thistle

Out of CH Wild West Weibi v Neudorf:

  • CH Roque Arcoiris
  • CH Paco Arcoiris
  • CH Hugo Arcoiris
  • CH Roman Arcoiris