CH Vantebe’s Draht Timothy ROMO


Handler Frank Hardy Judge William Kendrick

Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired
Dog Sire: CH Tubac’s Abner W
Dam: Westphal’s Nettle W
Whelped: November 29, 1961
Died: August 6, 1976
Breeders: Mr. and Mrs. Duke
Owner: Peggy Westphal


Out of CH Westphal’s Shamrock W:

  • CH Westphal’s Limerick W

Out of CH None Such Honey Bun W:

  • CH None Such True Grit
  • CH None Such Grand Illusion
  • CH None Such Great Expectations

Out of Groville’s Bettina:

  • CH Groville Brier

Out of CH Anna of Loumac W:

  • CH Haywire’s Calilu

Out of CH Delldachs Wanda The Witch W:

  • CH Delldachs Son of the Witch
  • CH Delldachs Glinda

Out of CH Pondwick’s Donna Elvira:

  • CH Rambunctious Of Rose Farm
  • CH Radiance of Rose Farm

Out of CH Jan-U-Wire of Hawthorne:

  • CH Peppermint Wire of Hawthorne CD
  • CH Grovelane’s Caprice
  • CH Fire-Wire of Hawthorne

Out of CH Ticker Wire of Hawthorne:

  • CH Salty Wire of Hawthorne
  • CH Saucy Wire of Hawthorne

Out of CH Westphal’s Thistle W:

  • CH Westphal’s Frivolity
  • CH Westphal’s Yuletide
  • CH Westphal’s Christmas Eve

Out of Westphals Berry W ROM:

Out of CH Broadcheck Dimple Haig:

  • CH Westphal’s One Hundred Proof
  • CH Westphal’s Just A Nip
  • CH Westphal’s Beribboned
  • CH Westphal’s Bedlam
  • CH Westphal’s Bearing Gifts

Out of CH Greygates Busy Lizzie:

  • CH Westphal’s Shannon W
  • CH Westphal’s Shamrock W

Out of CH Torals Sweet Bramble:

  • CH Torals Surry W

Out of CH Murblaine’s Elva Elizabeth W:

  • CH DeSangpur Fancy Free II
  • CH DeSangpur Tizmidarlin
  • CH DeSangpur Foot Loose
  • CH DeSangpur Sprite
  • CH DeSangpur Hey Boy
  • CH DeSangpur Cornucopia

Out of CH Carowill’s Geraldine W:

  • CH Carowill’s Jingle Bells w
  • CH Carowill’s Jeremiah W
  • CH Carowill’s Jessica W
  • CH Carowill’s Christmas Choir W

Out of Holmdachs Happy Go Lucious W:

  • CH None Such Honey Bee
  • CH None Such Howdy-Do

Out of CH Lawndale’s Voo-Doo W:

  • CH Binzer’s Venture of Mayway

Out of CH Sharondachs Sing No Sad Songs:

  • CH Sharondachs Zebediah’s Image
  • CH Sharondachs Anastasia W

Out of CH Midernoch’s Wild Card W ROMO:

  • CH Barhar Pal Joey v Midernoch
  • CH Barhar Two O’Harts v Midernoch
  • CH Barhar Two of Hearts v Midernoch

Out of CH Man Orie Dachs Yaqui W:

  • CH Manorie Dachs Winnemucca W
  • CH Manorie Dachs Geronimo W

Out of CH Young’s Choctaw of Manorie W:

  • CH Young’s Pebble w of Manorie
  • CH Young’s Cobble Wire of Manorie

Out of CH Westphal’s Flourish:

  • CH Hartig’s A Taste of Honey

Out of CH Tanga-Ta Piccadilly Circus:

  • CH Tanga-Ta Sashay

Out of CH Fraulein Hildeguard Muller W:

  • CH Kleina v Muller

Out of Mathilda of Miniam-Teckel:

  • CH Waldmann’s Baxter

Out of Murblaine’s Little Sara:

  • CH DeSangpur Oh So Sweet

Out of Seenar’s Lollipop W:

  • CH Seenar Special Delivery Wire

Out of Paliphirs Way Out:

  • CH Brownstones Bel Canto W

Out of Vantebe’s Draht Saga:

  • CH Vantebe’s Tia Maria
  • CH Vantebe’s Draht Kahlua

Out of CH Blumental Molly Malone W:

  • CH Blumental’s John-John W
  • CH Blumental’s Jason W